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JDUB’s Up Top IPA has us on top of the world!

Our Journey

We’ve spent a bit of time lately checking out some of the amazing IPAs available on the market and letting all of you know about them.  Today is no exception, as we’ve discovered another great brew during our travels that has us on top of the world.  JDubs Up Top IPA came across our table a while back and we quickly realized how great this craft beer is, as well as how outstanding Jdubs Brewing Company in Sarasota, Florida has become!

As we’re located right in West Palm Beach, Florida, it only made sense that we would check out what other Florida craft breweries have to offer.  We’ve been impressed with many of them including Cigar City Brewing, Twisted Trunk, and now Jdubs Brewing Company as well!

Jdubs Brewing Company's Up Top IPA is outstanding!Florida sounds like one of the hot spots for craft beer!

Indeed, Florida is definitely one of the hot spots for craft beer, and it’s only due to get hotter!  With craft breweries like Jdubs and Twisted Trunk, Cigar City and Tequesta, what do you expect?  New craft breweries are opening up every year and folks like the those at Jdubs really know how to make you feel right at home.  We always tell people they should check out Florida for some great craft brews in the hopes that they’ll come down and have a great time.

While you’re down here, check out Jdubs Up Top IPA.  This brew features some craftsmanship that can’t be beat.  Made with a blend of hops ranging from citrusy to dank during tasting, the brew is suggested as a sessionable IPA, but we feel it has plenty of hoppy bitterness to keep it well within the IPA range.  An American IPA, the brew has a lovely color to it and we really enjoyed the aromas upon pouring.

If you’re after an IPA that is “close” to sessionable, but still retains the hoppy bitterness you love, then this is definitely one to try.  Available in a range of sizes, you can choose your affordable range and either hoard it for yourself or share it with friends.  We suggest the latter, as the whole point of a great craft beer is the chance to enjoy it with others and discuss it!

Pay them a visit and taste more of their great craft brews!

While you’re there, check out their other great brews too!  They have a pretty good range of brews to try including their Bell Cow Milk Chocolate Porter and Passion Wheat.  We also suggest checking out their food trucks, as they seem to have one around all of the time and there is nothing more fun and enjoyable than pairing up some great brews with equally great food.

Pop in for a tour as well.  The knowledgeable folks over at Jdubs have no problem talking about their craft and they really know their stuff.  Make sure to check out the 12 oz. flagship brew that comes with the tour, as their flagship brews (including Up Top and Poolside Kolsch) are outstanding.  We hope to see you around Florida soon!  In the meantime, check back regularly, as we love to feature great breweries, awesome brews, and even vineyards and wines!



Mar 22, 2017