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Jogging Trails in West Palm Beach + Palm Beach — the best, and close to a brewery !


Need a brewery jogging trail craft beer lovers and wine enthusiasts?  What?…..  What are brewery jogging trails? Well, ….we don’t have enough breweries in West Palm Beach to create a pub crawl or brewery jaunt, yet, but……if you like to stay in shape, and fitness is important to you, and you want to jog, then we have got great jogging trails for you if you are visiting Palm Beach and West Palm Beach.  Actually, we have three. 

  • Brewery Jogging Trails.  OK! So, the owner of the West Palm Brewery likes to stay in shape.  He trains at Fit & Psyched  http://fitandpsyched.com/  in the Warehouse District,   http://thestationwpb.com/ just down the street https://www.palmbeachermagazine.com/noteworthy/west-palm-beachs-warehouse-district-welcomes-grandview-public-market   from the Grandview Public Markethttps://www.grandviewpublic.com/  And, so he has always thought that wine and craft beer were the great unifiers.  Wine and craft beer bring people together.  In fact, he has that slogan on the back of most of Pankauski Cellars’ wine labels:  Wine: the Great Unifier.   Now, he does LOVE wine https://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-wines/ and great craft beer  https://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-beers/ and offers of 20 limited production, vineyard-direct premium wines and has a 20 tap system in his tap room on Evernia Street.  But…. he’s into fitness and wanted to share with you 3 great jogging trails in case you are in town for a convention, http://www.pbconventioncenter.com/  or a conference, or are just staying at a downtown or Palm Beach hotel.https://www.thebreakers.com/
  • Starting Point.  Let’s start at a scenic starting point: the Meyer Amphitheatre, http://wpb.org/cityfun/locations/meyer-amphitheatre/  a public park of the city of West Palm Beach on Evernia Street and Flagler Drive, along the city’s downtown waterfront, or Intracoastal Waterway.   In fact, the city has amazing Sundays on the waterfront.  For live music and free concerts, all with a beautiful view of Palm Beach and the water, click on this link:  http://wpb.org/Departments/Waterfront/Community-Events/Sunday-on-the-Waterfront
  • # 1  Ocean Jogging Trail.  From the Meyer, on Flagler Drive and Evernia Street, head south about 300 yards, with the water on your left until you come to Okeechobee Boulevard, the intersection, also known as Lake View Avenue.  That’s the middle bridge, also know as the Royal Park Bridge.  Take a left and go over the bridge into Palm Beach,heading east.  Go straight, and you’ll arrive at the Atlantic Ocean.  Get on the sand for a beach run !!  It’s not as hard as you think!  Do it at sunrise and you’ll be so glad that you did!!  Watch the sun rise on the ocean as you jog on the soft sand and feel healthy, alive and fit.  That’s it: #1 or the first great jogging trail in Palm Beach and West Palm Beach.
  • What’s great about downtown West Palm Beach and Palm Beach is the scenery.  Simply a runner’s dream with variety (except for hills !).   We’ve got three great jogs for you which can all start and end at the West Palm Beach Brewery at 332 Evernia Street, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401.
  • # 2 Flagler Drive 8 Mile.  Ok, start at the Meyer Amphitheatre and head south.  That’s it !  Stay on Flagler  Drive, pass the middle bridge, (Royal Park Bridge) and keep going along the water.  You’ll eventually end up running by Mizner homes on the water, and passing Southern Boulevard. The sidewalks get wider and the walkways get bigger.  The traffic gets slower.  It’s residential.  Really nice. Great scenery: peaceful and quiet.  Get down to Forest Hill Boulevard and that’s the 4 mile marker, turn around and head back to Evernia Street and Flagler Drive and you have your 8 mile run. 
  • #3 (Most Popular Jogging Trail) Palm Beach Lake Trail Loop. From the Meyer on Evernia and Flager, head north with the water on your right.  On your right will be Palm Beach mansions and the Flagler Museum, http://www.flaglermuseum.us/across the water.  When you arrive at Quadrille Boulevard, the north bridge, or the Flagler Memorial Bridge, take a right and go east into Palm Beach. At the light or intersection, take a right on Cocoanut Row and head south about 200 yards and then take a right toward the Flagler Museum, home to Henry Morrison Flagler .  (PS: wine lovers, you are very close to two really great wine shops in Palm Beach at this point:  The Virginia Philip Wine Shop & Academy http://virginiaphilipwineandspirits.com/  and also Hampton Wine and Liquors. http://hamptonspalmbeach.com/Take a right and head west to the water/intracoastal/Flagler Museum.  The Lake Trail is behind/south of the Flagler Museum.  Head south with the water on your right.   If you do this run at sunset  the views and sunsets are simply amazing, as are the cityscapes of West Palm Beach.  When you arrive at the middle bridge, the Royal Park Bridge, you will be at Royal Palm Way, near the Society of the 4 Arts.  https://www.fourarts.org/ Take a right on Royal Palm Way and head west over the bridge back into West Palm Beach.  Take a right over the bridge and head north, with the water on your right.  Pass Hibiscus, Gardenia, Fern until you arrive at Evernia Street. For a thirst quenching craft beer made on the premises, such as a great IPA (the owner of the brewery LOVES an IPA after a run or tennis), take a left at Evernia Street and head west, pass over South Olive Avenue and the brewery will be on the left/south side of Evernia Street. The brewery is just before, or east of, South Dixie Highway, one block east of the new Brightline Train Stationhttps://gobrightline.com/ There is cool, air conditioned seating inside or outside shade, seating, tables, seats and table service. Grab a bite to eat from the brewery restaurant the Intracoastal Kitchenhttps://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-food/try a flight of wines or beers made right here, or ask the Wine Director about having a private, VIP table for a private pairing or dinner. https://www.westpalmbeer.com/private-wine-tastings/   PS: they are pet friendly and family friendly with free stroller parking !  There is plenty of parking in the designate spaces (only) or in the reasonably priced 8 story city parking garage 30 feet away on Evernia. 


Jun 27, 2018