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Join the craft beer Revolution

Our Journey

Ok, so we aren’t quite talking about an actual revolution, or are we?  While we meant this as a lead-in to the fact that Revolution Brewing produces amazing craft beer, perhaps it really is meant to be a call to revolution!  After all, we’re all tired of big name brewing companies producing mediocre brews, right?  The craft brewing industry has seen a huge boom over the past decade due this exact problem and we do want more people to “come to the craft side” so, yes, join the craft beer revolution!

What is so great about craft beer from Revolution Brewing?

This brewing company has been around since February of 2010 and they’ve been going strong ever since.  They are the largest independent brewing company in the state of Illinois, which may not seem like much until you make note of the number of craft breweries in that state.  That number totals over 200 active breweries!  Seems pretty significant now, right?

There are a variety of great craft beers from this outstanding craft brewery that we have tried and really enjoyed.  For example, they make an excellent golden ale called Cross of Gold that is one of their core brews available in cans.  While we do realize everyone has their can or bottle preference, sometimes you simply have to suck it up in order to check out the best brews on the market.

What else does Revolution Brewing have available?

There are plenty of great brews waiting for you from Revolution Brewing.  This Midwest brewery has come up with dozens of brews over the years and currently has approximately twenty brews on their current list.  While not every brew is available (some are seasonal), that is still quite a large number of brews to keep on the list.  There are dozens more in their archives for you to check out if you have the time as well.

A few of our favorites on their list are Bottom Up Wit, Cross of Gold, Sun Crusher, and Amarillo Hero.  Each of these brews has intense aromas and flavors that suit their style perfectly.  Sun Crusher is an outstanding brew for summer, as well, which puts it right there at the top of the “must check it out” list this time of year!

Try a little bit of Revolution and tell us about it

Stage your own revolution by selecting a few of Revolution Brewing’s offerings and leave us a comment to tell us what you thought of them.  We’d love to hear from you and your comment might spark our next feature post on this outstanding craft brewery in the heart of the United States.  Until then, happy tasting!


Jun 19, 2017