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Our Journey

Everyone knows that we have amazing craft beer here at West Palm Beach Brewery.  However, did you know that we feature some of the most outstanding wines from Napa and Sonoma as well?  If not, then you really need to stop in and check out our tasting room!  We offer a variety of wines from Pankauski Wine Cellars.  Each wine is hand-picked for quality and sure to put a smile on your face.  In fact, you’ll love them so much, you’ll want to join our new wine club!

Check out the new wine club at West Palm Beach Brewery!Wines from The Vault are delicious!

We love to share the amazing wines we source with our patrons, and we do so at a price that is far below what you’d pay in Sonoma or Napa.  In fact, joining our wine club would be a great idea, as you’ll find amazing wines at an astounding price.

Recently, the Tablas Creek wine blog just posted a great piece on why people join a wine club. (By the way, The Vault at West Palm Brewery LOVES wine from Tablas Creek!)  So, if you are interested in joining The Vault’s wine club, or wondering why you might want to, read on!

    • Consistency
      • Many folks who have tried wines at The Vault, have told us repeatedly that they love our wines. (Thank you!) If you find that your palate jives with wines which we feature at The Vault, then joining the wine club may be a good access point to source wines which you love. As you know, we carefully select each wine for vintage, grape type and style. In many instances, we have contracts to purchase grapes from very specific vineyards, blocks and even rows. All of our wine is premium and ultra-premium, competing with the very best that Napa, Sonoma and elsewhere offers.
    • Exclusivity
      • You can only purchase Drum Canyon Cellars, Pankauski Cellars, Inky Black Red Wine, Alpha Dog Zinfandel, I Want Different and (coming soon!) Palm Beach Pinot at The Vault, located at the West Palm Beach Brewery. Our wines are carefully crafted from the finest vineyards in wine country exclusively for those who visit the West Palm Brewery. After all, we are as serious about premium and ultra-premium wine as much as we are about great craft beer! We will be offering our new releases first, exclusively, to our wine club members. And some wines may be offered ONLY to wine club members, such as wines which are in high demand, or which we only have a few barrels of. Watch for our Undue Influence red wine to be released in 2019: it’s amazing and unlike anything on the market!
    • Value
      • People who purchase Apple products do so because of quality and coolness. Although most Apple products cost more than most of their competitors’, Apple supporters view buying Apple products as value. We couldn’t agree more! We offer our premium wines direct to the consumer at wonderful discounts to what you would pay on Highway 29 or the Silverado Trail in Napa Valley, or on Rt. 12 in Sonoma. Each vintage, the owners of Drum Canyon Cellars reviews grape contracts from top vineyards. They prepare for harvest and what will eventually go in the barrel and the bottle. If Mother Nature doesn’t give them what they want, they modify their harvest plans. Quality and integrity are never sacrificed. As they say about Palm Beach Pinot: it’s not so much as wine, as it is an experience! Oh yes: the best happy hour around: 4:00 -7:00 pm Monday-Friday.
    • Flexibility & convenience 
      • I’ve lumped these two things together because while they’re probably not positive decision factors, they can definitely be deal-breakers. A shipment every two months? Probably not a convenience if you have to be home to sign for the packages. A single set configuration which can’t be adjusted depending on your likes? Probably ditto (though less so if you really love all the wines). And any particular wine in quantity? Probably less appealing than a variety.
    • Enjoyment!
      • The West Palm Brewery is all about responsible fun. We strive to make the experience of being here at 332 Evernia Street a memorable event where you will want to return and tell your friends about. We are not a bar. We are not a restaurant. We are a brewery that happens to have an open kitchen and a wine bar. Great food at our open kitchen, delicious craft beer made right here and of course premium wine. You’ll see regulars at the Napa Valley tasting room, at The Long Bar, and hanging outside under the awning.

Stop in and see what our wine club can offer!

    We have many repeat customers who bring visitors, family and friends. You can get a nice meal, a super drink and watch a great game or catch up on the national news while you charge your iPhone, iPad or just meet with friends after work. Look for our happy hours from 4:00-7:00 pm Monday – Friday. The specials are the best we’ve seen in the area. Come, relax, meet, connect. Thank you!


Feb 5, 2018