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Keeping it Low Key with a great Session IPA

Our Journey

We recently took a trip to South Burlington, Vermont, to check out Magic Hat Brewing and see what great brews they had to offer.  The trip itself was entertaining, informative, and resulted in us adding them to our list of truly great craft breweries in the United States.  We all got together and decided to choose one brew from the trip that really caught all of our attention and the result was Low Key Session IPA.

Low Key is a great Session IPA that you should try

This brew had some outstanding aroma and flavor.  The 4.5% ABV worked well for the brew, making it a perfect Session brew for those long summer nights spent with friends and family.  While there were plenty of brews at Magic Hat that we really liked, this one stood out as THE brew for a night with friends.

When we’re looking for a great Session brew, we look for a reasonable ABV, nice aroma, great flavor, and solid drinkability overall, because we don’t want to choose a brew that folks enjoy once, but prefer not to have a second bottle of.  That should make sense since Session brews were meant to be sustaining brews, rather than ABV monsters traditionally.

This brew fit the bill perfectly.  The ABV is reasonable and the aroma catches you right away with its malty presence.  There is a bit of a hoppy citrus to the aroma, which helps to draw you in for a taste.  The flavor profile of the brew is what caught us the strongest.  While many hopheads out there will scoff at its minimalist approach, we realize that a session brew is meant to be well-blended, with a strong malt backbone leading to a slightly hoppy finish.  That is exactly what we found with this delicious brew.

Check out the head on Low Key Session IPA from Magic Hat BrewingThe flavor begins sweet and crooning, with a fairly bitter, citrusy hop finish that is crisp and refreshing.  Exactly what we expect in a great Session brew.  Overall, the folks at Magic Hat did an outstanding job with this brew, bringing forth a great blend of four malts and three hops into a Session brew we plan to add to our “keep around for groups” list.  We certainly wouldn’t mind sharing this brew with plenty of friends and family and hope you will, too.

If you get a chance to or already have tried this nice little brew, let us know what you thought in the comments.  We love to hear from our readers and are interested in this, and any other brews you’ve tried from Magic Hat Brewing.  In the meantime, we’re headed back to work, because the construction of the brewery here in West Palm Beach is in full swing and we can’t wait to open our doors to the public later this year.  We hope to hear from you and to see you there!


Apr 22, 2017