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Kenefick Ranch: Premium wines with character

Our Journey

At Kenefick Ranch they understand the need to match their vines with the appropriate soils for the best possible resulting harvest. That is why they have selected their vineyard blocks so carefully, finding those whose diurnal temperature change allows for their grapes to reap the most benefit, gaining the perfect warmth during the day and the most cooling at night. This helps to create strong vines and grapes that feature all of the best traits of the soil, giving their wines a unique flavor that, through proper production, has resulted in some amazing premium wines.

Certifications show that Kenefick cares about their practices

While it may not seem important for a vineyard to be Certified under the Green Land or Agricultural areas, it really does say a lot about the wines. Kenefick Ranch is dedicated to sustainable farming practices and using the most natural methods possible for the growth of their vineyards and the production of their wines. That is why they hold the Fish Friendly Farming certification, as well as the Napa Green Certified Land certificate, denoting their consideration for the communities around them.

Becoming Green and Fish Friendly certified is actually gaining quite a following, as many vineyards and wineries are pushing towards this route as of late. Not only does this effort help to ensure a cleaner environment for the communities around them, it also allows them to move towards more traditional growing and production methods like those used centuries ago. We realize that in modern times this may seem unnecessary, but when it comes to a healthy earth, every effort we can make is important to our future.

Pay Kenefick Ranch a visit and tell us about it!

Once you visit Kenefick Ranch you will fall in love with the atmosphere and beauty of their wines, if you haven’t already. Even if you don’t get the chance to visit, consider joining their wine club, with its great options and wine selection that is designed to ensure that every special occasion you create has the perfect wine to accompany it.

Whether you love Merlot or Petite Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon or Sauvignon Blanc, there is at least one Kenefick wine that will catch your attention and all of their wines pair really well with a variety of meals. This is part of what makes Kenefick Ranch’s premium wines so great. They suit so many special occasions that they will become a part of your memories forever.

Leave us a comment about any of the lovely Kenefick Ranch wines you have tasted or about your experience if you’ve visited the vineyards. We love to hear from our readers and your story might be the inspiration for our next feature post! In the meantime, happy tasting from all of us here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault in South Florida.


May 23, 2017