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Lagunitas Maximus IPA is right on point!

Our Journey

Lagunitas Brewing Company is a fine example of what craft beer should be like.  They take their craft very seriously and the brews they offer are a testament to that fact.  Their brews showcase their talents and their creative drive and we’re quite proud to feature them in our blog.  After all, it’s important for the craft brewing community to keep each other informed when it comes to new brews, great brews, and amazing craft breweries around the United States.  With over 4,000 craft breweries across the United States, there is a wealth of information for all of us to share with each other.  Such as the fact that Lagunitas Brewing Company has around 28 different brews listed, though not all are available at exactly the same time.

Lagunitas Maximus IPA is great!Maximum quality from Lagunitas Brewing Company found in Maximus IPA

When we recently had the chance to taste Maximus IPA, we were highly impressed with the quality and flavor of the brew, as well as the outstanding aroma.  From the first moment we cracked the bottle, it was as if we’d found a new way to please our taste buds before we even allowed the liquid to hit them.  That is quite impressive if you ask us.  Don’t believe us?  Check it out for yourself and you’ll find that Lagunitas really hit the mark with this brew.

We love the creative way Lagunitas describes their brews as well, because they make each description vivid and original.  For example, when describing Maximus IPA, they say that the brew’s flavor is “So hoppy it will remove the enamel from one’s teeth”, which is certainly an interesting interpretation.  We love to see interesting and creative descriptions and artwork, of which Lagunitas has managed to provide both on many occasions.  While some of their labels are pretty straightforward, there are those which catch our eye and really appeal to the artist within each of us, like Lagunitas Lucky 13.  The label may not feature some amazing creation of fantasy, but the pop culture style art is appealing.

Locally sourced food options round out the excellent circle of Lagunitas

If you happen to choose to eat at their taproom, Lagunitas staff could easily show you the beef and lamb that you’ve chosen to eat.  How is this?  They have a farm right behind the brewery!  All of their livestock is grass and spent-grain fed, which means you are getting great meat that is not being commercially raised.  This health-aware initiative has given Lagunitas quite a bit of popularity points in the community, as they source many of their other ingredients locally as well!

Take a trip and pay them a visit, as their operation is one that pairs dedication, hard work, and great awareness for their community.  This is something we love to see in a craft brewery and we feel Lagunitas Brewing Company is on exactly the right track for success and long-lived loyalty from their patrons.  We tip our hats to their great way of running things and hope they enjoy many decades of production!






Mar 22, 2017