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Lagunitas is serving up a Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’

Our Journey

Lagunitas Brewing Company in California is a great brewing company that we’ve really enjoyed visiting over the past few years.  With a wide variety of “Unlimited Release” beers and several that aren’t on that delicious list, but are just as great, they’ve really found their niche in this industry and with the craft beer community in general.

Twisted Trunk features some amazing craft beerToday we’re checking out a couple of their brews, but our chosen brew for the post is Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’, which is an outstanding wheat beer.  In addition to our feature brew, we’re also including The Waldos Special Ale, which is hitting shelves soon.  We couldn’t help but include that one, as we’re always happy to see brews headed for the market!

Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ has some seriously great flavor to it that is likely helped along by the really great selection of hops included in the brew.  We’ve had some pretty great Wheat beers in the past and this one certainly makes it to that category.  We checked out some of the reviews for this brew before trying it and found that folks really loved it, but one thing was mentioned in many reviews that we just had to test.  This 7.5% ABV brew is rumored to sneak up on you, and we found out that is entirely true!  So be careful, because anywhere between the first and third beer, you’re taking a cab home for safety.

Although it has been labeled an IPA by several people, this truly is a wheat beer, with all of the lovely qualities of one.  Perhaps it could be seen as a blended brew, but that is simply not the case.  The great mouthfeel and finish tell the tale quite clearly for those who try it, however, you will notice the hops that was employed in the brew.

The Waldos Special Ale is hitting the shelves in a few more days and we just had to give this one a mention.  After all, why not pop up a notice about a brew coming out right?  We haven’t had the chance to try this one, so we have to go from what others have said on this brew.  With over 11% ABV, it is obviously a brew you’ll want to sip rather than drink quickly.

According to reviews at BeerAdvocate, this brew features a great head that holds out well but leaves very little lacing.  Reviewers stated that the high ABV is not really noticeable, making this a brew to watch since you don’t want to over-do it.  Piney, citrusy, and overall a really great double IPA, so we’re definitely planning on grabbing a six-pack when it hits the shelves.

That’s all from us here at West Palm Beach Brewery and The Vault for this go-round.  We’ve got to get back to working on the brewery since our opening is coming up faster every day.  If you’re in the West Palm Beach area later this year, stop on by and pay us a visit.  We’d love to see you!



Apr 17, 2017