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Lamborn Family Vineyards

Our Journey

At Lamborn Family Vineyards they believe that the soil, climate, and nature of the vines are the most important part of creating outstanding premium wines. Their dedication to producing only the best possible results from their harvests is part of what makes their followers remain loyal, year after year and the wines they produce are certainly worthy of that loyalty.

Excellent wines come from outstanding soils

Howell Mountain happens to be the very first sub-appellation named by the BATF, a standing which goes back to 1983 and has since proven itself to be a really great area for growing grapes. The vineyards and wineries that source their grapes from this region have found that the soil structures are perfect for planting a decent range of varietals including Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon. The wines that are produced from the grapes hold a distinct aroma and flavor that allows everyone who tastes them to find a deep appreciation for the soils of the region.

The vineyard itself is not large, with a production that consists of small lots of wine, allowing the winemakers to produce the best possible wines from each batch, rather than worrying about large scale production needs. This practice has allowed Lamborn Family Vineyards to gain a very loyal following that waits in eager anticipation of each of their releases.

If you choose to join one of their outstanding wine clubs, you’ll have the convenience of having new releases shipped directly to you, allowing you to taste their wines no matter where you live. This certainly makes collecting their vintages an easier task, as we can imagine what it would be like to travel to California each time (we do it!).

The mark of a great winemaker resides in their determination to succeed

The Lamborn Family is no stranger to difficulty in the winemaking industry. Although the industry itself has not caused it, they have had to weather some very tough storms during their growth. None was more devastating than the fires of 1991 that decimated the entire property, as well as a great deal of the area. While many people chose to give up due to economic difficulties caused by the fires, the Lamborns forged on to create some of the most prolific wines of the region. It is that very determination and dedication that makes their wines so special and it seems to be imbued into every bottle.

If you’ve had the opportunity to taste some of Lamborn Family Vineyard’s wines, or have paid them a visit, tell us about your experience in the comments. We enjoy hearing from our readers and your story just might be the spark for our next feature post. In the meantime, from all of us here in South Florida at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, happy tasting!


May 27, 2017