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Leaping lizards, there’s berries at Founders!

Our Journey

Indeed, we’ve found berries and lizards, oh my. Founders Brewing Company has some brews that you really need to check out while you can. We’re not talking about Backwoods Bastard or Porter, oh no. We’ve certainly covered those before. Instead, we’re talking about the amazing brews that are getting folks talking about the creative genius of the Founders brewmaster.

Did you say lizards?

We certainly did say lizards and doom. However, we don’t mean the end of the world is coming, nor has Godzilla come to ravage the United States. Although, after a few of these luscious brews you might be tempted to pick up that silly chihuahua’s tone and say “here leezard leezard leezard”, because the ABV on these brews is pretty sneaky.

When it comes to creativity, Founders Brewing Company has it in spades. From their delicious brews to the gorgeous label art that seems to imbue the very character of each brew they bottle, there is no end to the allure of this brewing company. That’s why, when we heard there was a lizard invasion at the brewery, we simply had to find out what on earth people were talking about.

However, when we arrived, we did not find a science-fiction movie scene filled with over-sized iguanas or poorly designed costumes. No no, instead we found bottles of delicious craft beer emblazoned with perfect iguanas in appropriate size that were chock full of… blueberries?!

Founders does fruit perfectly

It seems that Founders has a knack for creating the perfect fruity brews that we’ve come to enjoy since the fruit beer craze hit the United States. Lizard of Koz is a perfect example of this, as it is a well-blended testament to blueberries, chocolate, vanilla, and barrel aged deliciousness. Yes, they’ve managed to not only create another great fruit beer but one that is barrel aged to perfection as well!

Even if they hadn’t added chocolate to this already tasty combination, we’d be drawn in by the copious amounts of blueberries, lilting hints of vanilla, and that barrel-aged character that they seem to have mastered. However, much like a lizard, the 10.5% ABV will sneak up on you silently and trip you. Plan ahead and take some home in order to enjoy it in your own natural habitat, since you already know where all of the furniture is sitting.

Tell us your thoughts!

If you get a chance to check out the great Lizard of Koz, be sure to stop back here and tell us what you thought of this delicious craft beer from Founders Brewing Company. We’d love to hear from you! In the meantime, we’ll be hard at work getting ready for our own opening later this year in South Florida. Happy tasting!


Jul 2, 2017