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Left handed craft beer is always right

Our Journey

Obviously we don’t mean that you have to be left-handed to be a great brewmaster. Nor do we mean that you have to be left-handed to enjoy a great craft beer or to own an amazing craft brewery. However, we do mean that Left Hand Brewing Company has shown to be capable of producing some of the best craft beer in the industry and their creativity and innovation shows in every single beer they brew.

What types of craft beer does Left Hand Brewing Company produce?

There are a variety of brews offered by Left Hand, including porters, IPAs, stouts, and more. Both year-round and seasonal brews are in production, as well as some great limited edition beers are available and their tap list rotates as they bring forth new creations for the craft beer community to enjoy. While not every brew on their long list of production may be to your specific taste, they are sure to have a few that you truly love.

For our resident portaholic, it was their Black Jack Porter, which features a lovely hops flavor, which is perfectly balanced by the strong malt bill present in the brew. With hints of coffee, chocolate, floral hops, and a lovely dusting of earthy wheat, this brew is perfect for those who truly love a great English-style porter.

For those who really love their stouts, Left Hand Milk Stout is absolutely delicious, as well as able to be aged in the bottle, which gives you the chance to see how the brew evolves while aging. Grab a bottle for now, one for later, and one to pair with some great meals as well! Left Hand did a great job crafting this brew and you’ll find that the hints of chocolate malt, barley, and a sensuous addition of hops makes this a very well balanced and delicious craft beer.

Pay Left Hand a visit and check out everything they have on tap

Well, perhaps not everything, as we do want you to make it home safe. However, if you take some friends you just might manage to try every single brew they currently have on tap. Their list of brews is quite extensive, so plan on a group trip with flights for all and be sure to talk to the staff and learn a bit about the brewery as well.

Don’t forget to head back here and let us know about your experience. We love to hear from our readers and your experience, as well as the brews you tried, just might the inspiration for our next feature post on this great craft brewery. In the meantime, from all of us here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault in West Palm Beach, Florida, happy tasting!


May 9, 2017