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Local art, plants, wildlife, and more

Our Journey

In the past, we’ve shown you some of the amazing artwork on our buildings here in West Palm Beach.  We absolutely love the way the community and businesses have worked together to create entire building art that inspires the mind and heart.  However, although local art is an amazing sight, it is the native plants that really shined recently.

Local art on the buildings really makes us proudLocal art, plants, and wildlife gained some notice recently after the hurricanes

Palm Beach Gardens is known for being a lovely community.  In fact, you can often find folks commenting on the beautiful garden scapes that residents have created there.  However, Hurricane Irma made a strong effort to destroy all of that a few months ago.  The damage wrought was quite astounding, but what was more astounding was the survival of more native species than other plants in the many homeowners’ gardens!

The cleanup after the hurricane was terrible for all.  We cannot deny that.  But it was that very process that showed many residents that they had chosen well for their personal gardens.  Whereas many foreign species of plants were uprooted and destroyed, there were dozens of native species that weathered the storms quite well, making their owners proud.  There was even an event created to promote native species based on how well they had survived the terrible storm!

This cements one of our reasons for staying with local art and other items

It is examples like this that make us proud of our state and our communities.  We’ve already seen how hardy and steadfast the folks around us can be.  Now we’ve seen that the native plants are even holding their ground, literally!  What better show of solidarity than when the native flora and fauna even refuse to be beaten?  It gives us hope for the future, the rebuilding of so many communities that were affected by the hurricanes, and our communities in general.

It also gives us even more reason to appreciate the beautiful local art exhibits, local suppliers where we source our fresh ingredients, and our patrons!  Every day we seem to find another reason to be proud of our part in the community of West Palm Beach, and the larger community of the State of Florida as a whole.  We’re not just one small piece, but a huge piece of a puzzle that is fighting to move forward every day and rebuild when the world gets us down.

We look forward to the future and hope to see all of you stop in at one point or another to tell us your tales and share with us your views on our craft beer, artisan foods, and life as a whole.


Jan 25, 2018