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Local events and attractions make West Palm Beach a great place to be!

Our Journey

South Florida is well-known for its beaches, warmth, great communities, and of course, the breweries! However, we’re also known for the many attractions and sights we offer to travelers. For example, the many museums, art galleries, and even street and building art you can find in West Palm Beach are just a few of the many reasons to come here for a vacation.

There are great shopping opportunities and sights at West Palm BeachCome see what South Florida and West Palm Beach have to offer

Along with these sights and attractions come the many events that take place throughout the year. The art museums are already known for their showcases and fundraisers, which help the community and surrounding areas immensely when it comes to art program support. The local Zoological and Conservation Society also hosts a great range of events throughout the year to help upkeep the Zoo and help local programs. And let’s not forget the many other community-based events as well!

From the street fairs to the flea markets, there is no end to what you might encounter during a trip to West Palm Beach or other areas of South Florida. We currently have plenty of reasons for you to come see our lovely city, as well as many great places for you to visit while you are here!

Stop by and check out our in-house brewed craft beer and premium Napa wines!

Stop in here on Evernia Street and enjoy a lovely glass of premium wine from Napa Valley, California. While you’re here, be sure to check out the Fire-Roasted Mac N Cheese at our Intracoastal Kitchen. We’ve been receiving outstanding reviews on our food and we’d love to share it with you. Don’t forget to grab a tour as well, because you’ll have a chance to see the process behind the creation of our delicious craft beer.

Be sure to head over to City Place while you’re in town, too. The number of shops and entertainment they have to offer is amazing and you’ll find plenty of memorabilia to take home with you, not to mention plenty of smiles to fill your trip. Then, head back to one of the excellent hotels nearby with their well-appointed rooms and outstanding staff. Your trip is sure to be a success if you enjoy some of the great events that keep us on our toes here at West Palm Beach Brewery. We hope to see you soon!


Mar 15, 2018