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Local flavor, local ingredients, great taste every time

Our Journey

One of the greatest assets to a restaurant is the ability to source local ingredients and offer fresher dishes to your patrons. Here at our Intracoastal Kitchen, we get to do exactly that! By sourcing the majority of our ingredients locally, we provide a three-fold benefit to our community. First, we are supporting local growers and farmers. Second, we are providing fresher, healthier dishes to our patrons. Finally, we are supporting the entire community as those same growers, farmers, and patrons pass on their earnings and savings to other community venues.

We’re proud of how far we’ve already come

There is a great amount of pride that goes into running a business that focuses on community, quality, and value. For all of us here at West Palm Beach Brewery, it is a point of pride that we get to be such a closely connected community business. From the patrons who take tours of our brewery facilities to those who come to taste our premium wines at The Vault, each patron is as important as the last and we strive to send everyone off with a smile on their faces.

Through our local ingredient sourcing, we’ve found that we really enjoy providing so many delicious, fresh dishes in our restaurant, as well as outstanding in-house brewed craft beer in our taproom. The premium wines sourced for The Vault are just as carefully selected for your enjoyment, from grape to case. In fact, we’re so selective that we entered into an exclusive agreement with Pankauski Wine Cellars to ensure this is the only place you’ll find their wines! That is dedication.

Come see us, no matter what the reason!

Whether you choose to come in for the wine, the brews, the food, or just to enjoy some time with friends and family, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the efforts we have put forth. We hope to gain an even deeper connection to our community over time and look forward to it!

Stop by our location on Evernia Street today and see what we have to offer! We would love to see you and show you our facility! Until then, happy journeys!


Mar 2, 2018