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Our Journey

When it comes to providing the best possible flavor in a meal, nothing beats fresh ingredients.  This means that many restaurants are turning to locally sourced ingredients to create their dishes.  However, that is only part of what makes local ingredients great.  Not only do you get fresh ingredients and bold flavor, you also get to support your local community!

Local ingredients are used to create the artisan pizzas at The Intracoastal Kitchen in West Palm BeachSourcing local ingredients means you are helping your local economy

When you source your ingredients locally, like they do at The Intracoastal Kitchen in West Palm Beach, you are supporting your community.  How?  The answer is simple.  You are keeping money locally invested and providing great service to others as well!  There are a variety of ways that businesses utilize this process, but sourcing local ingredients is one of the largest factors.

We’ve all heard the phrase “Buy local”.  However, do you understand what it means to the local community when you follow that rule?  One great result is that your community has more revenue to put towards programs that need help.

Sourcing locally means businesses can donate funds to programs in need with pride

A great example of how local ingredients can help the community is shown in the end results.  When you source your ingredients at a local farm, the farmer is able to put that money to use by paying their workers.  Most farm workers are also local community members, which continues the cycle of local sourcing.  On payday, those workers go out to a local brewery, like West Palm Beach Brewery, for a great night out.  The revenue from the local brewery is then spent on more local ingredients from the local farms, donations to the local school for sports programs and classroom materials, and more.

As you can see, when you keep your sources local, you are aiding a great cycle that brings the money right back around, full circle!  This helps to keep communities self-sufficient and reduce the amount of state and federal funding they may need, which helps to lower taxes for everyone.  It’s a powerful practice that brings communities together, making them stronger and showing them exactly what they can achieve when they work together.

The Intracoastal Kitchen and West Palm Beach Brewery source local ingredients!

We are proud of the fact that we choose to source local ingredients for the amazing dishes created by Chef Andrew in The Intracoastal Kitchen.  Not only do we source locally, Chef Andrew also makes his own pizza dough and mozzarella cheese!  We also have an in-house created Vinaigrette that our patrons seem to absolutely love.  By keeping our sources local as often as possible, we are helping to strengthen our local community. 

We hope you get a chance to stop in and check out the delicious meals we have to offer.  Our staff is always willing to offer suggestions, so pop on in and check us out!



Jan 15, 2018