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How long does it take to make an amazing IPA?

Our Journey

Exactly how long does it take to create a brew that makes craft beer enthusiasts all over the world crow with happiness?  Just 60 minutes.  Or 90 works pretty well, too.  Heck, go the full 120 and you’ve found a flavor that you won’t ever want to deny, unless of course you’re not a hops lover.  Luckily, there are people all over the world who do love hops, because without them, Dogfish Head Brewing Company would not have a place for these three brews that really are hopped up.

We set out to discover exactly how great these brews really are and boy were we surprised!  By the way, they have a somewhat mixed cousin as well, the 75 Minute IPA, but you only get to visit that relative if you go take a tour!  Although this may upset some folks, we know the people at DFH are more than happy to invite you in!  Plus, if you take the tour, you get to check out the Tasting Room, where you can try 75 Minute IPA and Nitro World Wide Stout, which are not available anywhere else.  Well worth it if you ask us, but we’ve been there!

60-minute IPA from Dogfish Head BrewingABV oh ABV, how you entice us

You’ll first notice a correlation between the hopping times and the ABV on these lovely brews.  With 60-minute IPA weighing in at 6.0%, 90-minute IPA at 9.0%, and finally 120-minute weighing in between 15 and 20%!  Pretty hefty jump there right?  But check out those ABVs compared to the continuous hopping time and you’ll notice they’re matching up pretty darn perfect.  We’re not sure whether they intended to name the brews for their process time, or the resulting ABV, but either way, their names are clearly indicative of their alcohol by volume.

While that curious fact gets stuck in our mind (yes, we’ve debated on this a few times around the table), we get to check out the delicious aroma on these brews.  Now, if you’re not a heavy hophead, you might want to take a step back, because these brews are certainly brewed with the Hopaholics in mind.  From the amazing and pungent aromas to the clearly hopcentric flavor profiles, these three brews are all about the hoppy goodness of craft brewing.  However, if you’re interested in hoppy brews, just not the super hopped up monsters, check out 60-minute IPA.  It’s a very Sessionable brew with plenty of hop character, while remaining highly drinkable with its balanced nature.  It’s very well blended and we’re sure you’ll enjoy it.

Moving on to the 90 and 120 minute IPAs, we appeal to the super hopheads out there, because these brews were made to meet your demands on the brewing industry.  DFH really pulled out all the stops on these majestic brews and the aromas and flavor really show it.  90-minute IPA is likely the best IPA in the United States.  An unfiltered brew, it features the continuous hopping process that began it all.  It was the “starter hopper” that started it all and DFH has released a few more of these types of brews since then.  The process allows for some serious aromas and epic flavor, while keeping it pretty darn drinkable as well.  If you’re not into hops though, we’re still suggesting their little brother, the 60-minute IPA as a better choice for you.

Take a tour, try some great beer, and come back and tell us about it!

Head to DFH to take their tour and check out their tasting-room-only brews, then head on back here and let us know what you thought!  We love to hear from our readers and we’re interested in your opinions on the many different brews available on the market.  Heck, let us know about other DFH brews you’ve tried too!  You never know, we just might make your brew our next feature brew!


Apr 4, 2017