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Louisiana Road Trip: Lafayette

Our Journey

No Louisiana road trip is complete without a stop in Lafayette.  Lafayette, Louisiana is home to Cajun Field, the stadium used by several local and state teams such as the Ragin’ Cajuns and has been loving nicknamed The Swamp.  However, this is not the biggest draw to this beautiful city.  The nightlife of Lafayette is pretty darn hot.  This culture-rich city has a lot to offer from outstanding nightlife to a museum list that offers a deeper look into the world and the local development of the area.

Drinks and Nightlife in Lafayette’s hot spots on your Louisiana road trip

There are a variety of bars and clubs in Lafayette to choose from.  We’ve listed a few here that may interest you, though you are certainly not limited to just these!  Jefferson Street is a great place to find new friends and many of these places are right along that strip.

The Green Room offers great drinks, interesting conversations, and a line of pool tables that are sure to keep you busy while you enjoy some of the delicious drinks they serve.  While you’re there, check out the artwork adorning their walls, as it’s one of the highlights mentioned in reviews!

Legends Bar and Grill has several locations and you will want to be sure to stop at one or two of them during your visit.  With great bartenders, outstanding waitstaff, and the food is well worth checking out!  The variety of brews available are pretty diverse, so you’ll spend some time trying new ones for sure.

The Tap Room’s name says it all.  Well, almost all.  This place has some great food, craft cocktails, and draft beer that is delicious.  Located in the River Ranch section of Lafayette, the clean lines of the building on the outside certainly belie the sporty and fun atmosphere within.  Worth spotting in to try out one of their drafts or a creative cocktail while enjoying your food.

Blue Moon Saloon & Guest House is precisely what it sounds like.  Moved to its current location in the early 1900’s by mules and logs, the guesthouse has several a variety of purposes over the years.  They feature live bands, great drinks, and of course, as a guesthouse!

Finding great food in Lafayette

A Louisiana road trip is always fun and there are plenty of amazing restaurants in Lafayette, and some you just might find while walking around.  We know this because we’ve done it.  There are always going to be little hole-in-the-wall places that you simply will not find on the map.  However, for the ones that are on the map, we’ve compiled a short list for you to check out.

Cafe 329 offers a selection of wraps and the po’boys are said to be pretty darn good.  Although they cater mostly to the local college students, the open-air design makes for a very comfortable lunch experience.  The shrimp wraps are a strong suggestion, as they have received outstanding reviews.

Carpe Diem Gelato & Espresso Bar is a great place to stop and cool off in the summer or warm up in the cooler months (not that Louisiana is really known for having cool months).  The gelato is delicious and the Espresso is great.  Certainly worth stopping in to try them while you’re wandering through the town.

BJ Restaurant and Brewhouse is one of the premier places to go for great food and outstanding service.  Their brews on tap are enough to make you want to come back again, but their food is certainly going to sweeten the deal!  Check out their Applewood smoked Bacon Cheeseburgers if you get the chance, you won’t be disappointed!

Reve Coffee Roasters caters to those who simply love coffee.  If you’ve never heard of a micro coffee roaster, you NEED to check this place out.  Amazing coffee made in a creative and delicious way.  In addition to having great coffee, they have a section on their web page where you can learn to brew your own!

Museums worth the time during your Louisiana road trip because memories are forever

Lafayette may feature some awesome bars and great food, but it doesn’t stop there.  Below we’ve listed a couple of the local museums that are must-see sights.  Bring your camera, because these are memories you’ll want to keep for a long time.

Children’s Museum of Lafayette is our first stop because it’s simply adorable.  This non-profit museum serves to aid the community and to promote learning and creativity in children everywhere, one community at a time.  After visiting the museum in New Orleans, the three founders decided that Lafayette needed a museum to help local children as well and their dream has certainly taken off!

Lafayette Science Museum is the next place to visit, with its many exhibits and the planetarium that we want to visit again!  This place is a great stop with many opportunities to learn a bit as you walk through.  Check out the Fossil Giants, Crawl Space, and Gamer’s Sandbox where you can check out the hottest exhibits around.

We really hope you get a chance to visit some of the great places we’ve listed on your Louisiana road trip and take some time to wander through Lafayette.  We would love to hear about other places you’ve been that you think deserve a feature as well!



Dec 26, 2016