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We Love Our Coffee– West Palm Brewery brings local coffee roasters into the craft beer fold


 We love coffee in South Florida and we support local coffee roasters.

What do you get when you combine an amazing local brewer with local coffee roasters in South Florida?

Try our coffee porters and brown ales.

Chief Brewer Joel Kodner searches high and low for the very best coffee beans

  • He selects artisan, premium coffee beans from a number of geographies. 
  • Joel interviews and speaks with a number of coffee roasters up and down the Florida coast, seeking out the very best seasonal coffee beans. 
  • As a great brewer, Joel understands that the geography of beans offer different flavor profiles. 
  • He knows that the grind–how coarse, or fine– the coffee beans are ground affects the flavor and component to a great cup of java or craft beer.

What’s Joel’s secret to a great coffee beer? 

He not only does a “one off” of our famous Palm Beach Porter, but his fans absolutely love his brown ales.

Brown ales have been described, by one beer critic or writer, as “unfashionable.” Not to Joel !

And, not to worry!

We brew great beer. Period !  Except for our custom made tap party designer t-shirts, we are never beholden to fashion.  We just want to make delicious craft beer. That’s one reason that Joel has made, and continues to make, brown ale. And his fans in South Florida love his brown ale. It’s called “Unfashionable Brown Ale.”

So, if you like coffee and are crazy about java, and craft beer, consider trying the coffee beer at West Palm Brewery.  We have a constant rotating line of craft beers, dark ones, which have wonderfully malty, chocolate and coffee expressions.  And remember: we never, ever, use extracts or flavorings. Only real deal, natural ingredients like organic, carefully sourced coffee beans, Plant City Strawberries, Florida raspberries.

Joel will be featuring his coffee craft beers at Havernia, a cigar, craft beer dinner pairing this Thursday, May 10th at the West Palm Brewery. 

And, look for a coffee ale or IPA coming down the pike.  Joel was recently in Santa Barbara where he visited a number of breweries, wineries and tasting rooms.  He had the opportunity to explore the concept of coffee beers in lighter ales. 




May 8, 2018