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Luscious Vineyards: Beaulieu Vineyard

Our Journey

We haven’t featured a vineyard in a while and figured it was high time we got around to it.  After all, these luscious vineyards produce some of the most outstanding premium wines in the United States and we’ve enjoyed their offerings several times.  We feel it is only fair to give credit where it is due, and today we’re featuring the beautiful Beaulieu Vineyard in the gorgeous Napa Valley.

Premium wines from one of the luscious vineyards of Napa Valley

Beaulieu Vineyard features some of the most outstanding wines on the market.  Their Reserve collection Pinot Noir is absolutely delicious and we’re looking forward to trying more of their vintages in the future.  We especially appreciated the delightful hints of huckleberry, as the wine was exactly as they described it.  We took their advice and paired this wine with Parmesan and Applewood smoked bacon and wow, we’re certainly glad we tried it.  The two complement each other in a way that is indescribable.  Their dedication to quality really is apparent in their wines.

We plan to try one of their Cabernet Sauvignons next, though we’ve yet to decide which one.  They have a great list to choose from and we want to be selective, though we’re leaning towards Reserve Maestro Collection Ranch No.1 as our main desire.  With their 2014 Pinot Noir being such an outstanding first choice for us, we can only imagine how great their 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon will be.

The luscious vineyards of Napa Valley produce outstanding quality grapesBeyond the bottle, quality starts with excellent grapes

Beaulieu Vineyard consists of over 1,100 acres of vineyards in total.  The range of their locations is extensive and they’ve certainly gained quite a few different soil types to grow their grapes.  As a result, they are able to select the best grapes from every harvest and blend them to create the outstanding wines they offer.  The amount of dedication and care they put into their craft is quite admirable and we have to respect the standard of quality they demand.  Every harvest is inspected to ensure only the best grapes are going into these wines and it really does show in every tasting.

While some may think that the acreage alone is what allows BV to produce such great grapes, this is simply not the case.  While acreage is a great asset, their in-depth knowledge of soil types, growing practices, and proper tending of the vines is what really makes their production shine.  Without this knowledge, they would have no more than a bunch of soil.  By knowing which varietals to plant in which soil types, how to properly tend each varietal, and having a keen sense for trellising, they’ve created separate ecologies for each area that have come together perfectly.

The future looks bright for many of these luscious vineyards

For BV, the future is bright for as far as the mind can see.  With their continued dedication and insistence on quality over quantity, we expect dozens more vintages to come from these estates that are highly sought after for wine lists across the world.  We will be checking back in on them later this year to see where they stand and what new offerings they have for us to sample.


Jan 22, 2017