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Magic Hat Brewing has great chemistry

Our Journey

Magic Hat has the chemistry for making great brewsWhen we heard that Magic Hat Brewing was producing some amazing craft beer, we had to check them out.  After all, we needed a good reason to take a momentary break from our construction on West Palm Beach Brewery and The Vault, so we figured this was a great reason for one.  So we headed out from West Palm Beach, Florida, on an adventure to try some tasty brews.

Vermont proved to be a great state to visit!

Located in South Burlington, Vermont, this brewery is certainly worth paying a visit to.  If not for the brewery itself, which is a great place, then go to check out the scenery, because Vermont is an absolutely gorgeous state.  As for the brewery, the staff is more than enough reason to visit.  They are knowledgeable, friendly, and more than willing to help you figure out which brew is best for you.

We tried a variety of their outstanding craft beer while we were there, including their Low Key Session IPA, which we’ll be featuring in a later post.  From their Low Key to the delicious Electric Peel, we were truly impressed with the quality of their brews.  We’ve found quite a few interesting breweries throughout the United States and this one is definitely one we’re adding to that list.  Make it a point to check out their taproom, or Artifactory as they call it because the decor is interesting and unique.

They have over a dozen great craft beers on draft for you to taste, which is pretty typical for a taproom.  However, the delicious flavor of their brews is far from typical and we suggest you taste each one to see which one you love the most.  After all, what is the point of visiting a brewery and taproom if you’re not going to try everything they have to offer?  Within moderation of course.  We don’t want you sleeping in a booth for the drive home, so make sure to grab some of their great food while you’re there, too.

The folks at Magic Hat have been around since 1994, which says a lot for their beer.  Many craft breweries don’t last two years without a great product and these people have made it over two decades!  We expect to see them around for quite a long time, too, because the brews they produce are absolutely great and their tours are informative and entertaining.

Don’t forget to leave us a comment about any of the great Magic Hat brews you’ve tried, or what you thought about their brewery if you’ve had a chance to visit.  We love to hear from our readers and your post just might turn into our next feature!


Apr 21, 2017