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Make a great move with Checkerboard Vineyards

Our Journey

Chess and wine seem to go together like a hand and glove.  However, it seems that checkers do just as well when it comes to premium wines in Napa Valley.  Checkboard Vineyards has been producing some of the best wines in the region and offers a view that simply can’t be topped.  With a two and a half mile drive from the valley floor to the ridge where Checkerboard Vineyard is located, the scenery on the way up to this outstanding winery is absolutely lovely.

When you’re located on Diamond Mountain, you certainly have a priceless name to follow the standards for.  Checkerboard Vineyards has managed to do exactly that by respecting the terrior of their vineyards and taking the time to assess their grapes with a dedication found in the best wineries of the United States.  The view at this vineyard, as we mentioned, is spectacular and we strongly urge you to visit if you get a chance, because you’ll leave with memories that will last a lifetime.

It all comes together in a package of perfection

Diamond Mountain, scenic landscapes, dedicated vintners, and small lots of wines that are produced with the utmost respect for their soils makes for one very amazing experience.  Each bottle of Checkerboard wine is exactly that, an experience in and of itself.  For example, we have had the joy of tasting their 2010 vintage Cabernet Sauvignon, which is a lovely 98% blend that featured everything great about the vineyards.  2010 was a great year for their harvest and their small lot production definitely showed its winning abilities with that vintage.

If you really love reds, then a Checkerboard wine is exactly what you need for your next dinner or simply a wine evening with friends and family.  Each of their wines are produced from hand sorted full fruit and the result is a wine that features the very fullest in flavor and tannins, aged for 26 months in new French Oak barrels.  These wines host a flavor profile that simply delights the senses and the nose leads you there with grace and style.

Try their wine and let us know what you think!

Here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, we love to hear from our readers.  If you’ve tried any of Checkerboard Vineyards lovely premium wines, leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts on the vintage.  Please include the year, as it makes a very big difference (as any wine connoisseur knows) and we’ll want to see if we can source a bottle for further research.  In the meantime, happy tasting from all of us here in West Palm Beach, Florida!


May 3, 2017