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Make it a Merlot

Our Journey

For those who truly love wine, there are often specific wines they have come to cherish over time. These wines have accompanied the most treasured events in their lives and hold special places in their hearts as a result. The variety of wines in these lists range as broad as the seas, as each person has their own taste when it comes to premium wines.

While some may love a lovely Chianti, others desire something with a much headier style like Cabernet Sauvignon with its strength and character. Where one meal may call for a beautiful Rose, another may need the classy touch of a Chardonnay. This leads us to ask, what is it about each wine that makes it so special? Today we’re discussing Merlot, as it seems to be a part of some of the most memorable events of our lives.

History shows that Merlot is sought after

Originating in France, this luscious wine wasn’t quite so sought after until the mid-1800’s when connoisseurs began to recognize the viability of this delicious wine. However, once they noticed the delicious and delightful qualities of this varietal it took off like a rocket and has been holding its popularity marks ever since.

Merlot requires dedication, which comes out in the taste

The vines, as well as the fruit, are highly sensitive to climatic change, which means that this is a varietal that requires true passion to grow successfully. Every resulting bottle seems to be imbued with the love of the winemaker, which makes sense, given the needy nature of the vines. Over the centuries, vintners have taken to planting their Merlot blocks in more appropriate micro-climates, which has aided in making the growing process that much easier.

The fruity taste of this wine is one of the premier attributes that each bottle will possess. It pairs up perfectly with a wide range of meals, making it perfect for nearly any event that you may be planning. All you need to do is consider your guests and you’re set! Make sure not to seat your mother-in-law next to your ex-wife and you should be fine. Unless, of course, you want some free fireworks for your event!

Keep it simple and low-cost

Merlot can be found in a great range of prices, which means it can be enjoyed by pretty much everyone, no matter their income. This is likely one of the largest reasons that this wine has become so popular in the United States, as it fits into the event plans for a wide range of consumers. We love it, because anything that makes our wallet happy is worth having around! At least, it is if it tastes great, which many Merlots in the United States certainly do.

Tell us about some of the Merlots you have tried. Leave us a comment with the name of the vintage and the producer and perhaps it will become our next feature! In the meantime, from all of us at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, happy tasting!


May 29, 2017