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Make Palm Beach Porter your next order

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For those of you who love dark, delicious craft brews, our Palm Beach Porter is sure to be a hit.  Why?  We take every possible step to make sure the quality of the craft beer you order is perfect!  Our Chief Brewer, Joel Kodner, has created an outstanding line of craft beers for you to try and we can’t wait to serve it for you.

Palm Beach Porter is great!What makes a Porter such a great choice?

Porters are well-known across the world as a brew that is not only full of flavor but also quite easy to pair with a variety of foods.  Whether you love pizza, chipotle, or pasta, this is likely to become your go-to brew for your meals.  Our resident Portaholic suggests pairing Palm Beach Porter with dishes like our Pollo Positano for a great combination.  

If you’re pairing a porter at home, try to focus on either complementing or contrasting your meal.  Depending on the porter you choose, you may lean more heavily towards one or the other.  For example, if you were to pair our Palm Beach Porter with a lovely roasted garlic chicken breast, spinach greens, and grilled onions, you would find a lovely contrast that draws out a variety of different flavors in the spinach and onions that you never noticed before.

Are there any other brews I might want to try?

Of course!  We have a great list of in-house brews that you are sure to enjoy, including our B4 Blonde Ale and Dr. K’s Double IPA, both of which have proven to be a hit since our opening.  All of our brews are easily paired with some of the great dishes we serve from our Intracoastal Kitchen, so be sure to check out the food, too!  You’re sure to find a brew or two to fall in love with and you’ll have a chance to meet some great people while you’re here.


Jan 12, 2018