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What makes craft beer so popular with Millennials?

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We’ve all heard the term “millennial” used for the younger generation.  In fact, you’ve likely heard it more often than you want to.  However, there is no denying that each generation has their label.  You have Generation X, the Xennials (who don’t quite fit either set), the Millennials, the Baby Boomers, and more.  Each generation seems to be given a set of attributes and a label.  Each generation is also expected to only understand their own generation.  Perhaps this is why people ask us why craft beer is popular with Millennials and what type they prefer.

Why is craft beer so popular with millennials?How do you bring generations together to agree on one thing?

One thing that brings all of the generations together is craft beer.  However, you’ll find just as many differences in craft beer selection as you find in their music preferences.  While one generation may tend to lean towards the porters, stouts, and other dark brews, the millennial generation seems to have chosen everything on the menu!  Why?  What makes them so interested in trying everything and loving it?

The answer to this is simple, yet we realize it doesn’t fit every single millennial out there.  This generation simply enjoys variety.  Variety of activities, crafts, movies, music, and everything else under the sun including craft beer.  However, that does not mean they have no standards.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  Some of the craft brews that are the most popular with Millennials are ones whose quality is through the roof!

Quality and variety are two of the defining features that make anything popular with Millennials

While we’d love to say that everyone in a specific generation is the same, it would be a lie.  In general, people of the same generation are as unique as the pattern of a snowflake.  However, we have to admit that Millennials have a firm grip on appreciating quality and variety.  In the craft brewing industry, we’ve found quite a following within their generation, which tells us we’re heading in the right direction!

After all, what is great craft beer without those two defining features?  If we’re not going to pay attention to quality, then we may as well just hand it all back over to the big brewers and leave folks to the convenience store selections, right?  No, sir, that is simply not acceptable.  One thing that every generation seems to be able to agree upon is the need for quality craft beer and a good variety to choose from.  

Craft beer is not the only thing popular with Millennials

While craft beer is our focus, it is certainly not the only area where the Millennial generation has shown their eye for quality.  We have watched as their generation pushes for better quality within the clothing industry, auto industry, and more.  Their push to improve the world, multiple industries at a time, is admirable and we hope they continue to make their standards known.  We’ll gladly sit down and talk beer with them while discussing artisan food, great wine, and anything else that may come up.


Jan 19, 2018