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What makes local ingredients so great?

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When you think about a strong community, what do you think makes it so strong?  Is it the backyard barbecues, the school sports fans, or perhaps the helpful neighbors?  These are all things that make a community strong, but there are a lot more features that you’ll find in a strong community.  One of those things is local ingredients used in restaurants, breweries, and more.

Local ingredients are vital to a strong local economyLocal ingredients help to strengthen the local economy

One of the biggest factors in sourcing local ingredients is the fact that those purchases help to make the local economy stronger.  When you choose to purchase your fruit at a local stand, you’re helping to support a local family who, in turn, will be purchasing their household items locally as well.  This keeps the flow of money going in the local economy.  That money will eventually touch nearly everything facet of your community in one way or another.

The bigger picture can show the results

While you may think that this is not true, you have to consider the bigger picture.  Here is a scenario that shows how local economies can stay strong with local purchases.


Ned owns a small farm just outside of town.  He sells cattle, pigs, and sheep to Terry, the local butcher and buys his feed from his neighbor, Gary, who grows wheat, corn, and barley while also raising chickens.  Gary sells his barley to the local brewery, who, in turn, ships the spent grains back to him, which feeds his chickens.  The brewery also owns a restaurant and they buy all of their meat from the local butcher.

Both farmers, the butcher, and the brewery all donate to the local High School to help fund the Music and Art programs, as well as the rising costs of classroom materials.  All of their children attend the local schools as well, and they work hard to support the many fundraisers that come up each year.  Their children spend the summer working odd jobs in the community, including helping to care for the farmers’ livestock and harvest their fields.  They are paid a fair wage, which they often spend at the local movie theater, arcade, and shops.

In this scenario, just four individuals and their children have managed to create a strong economy by supporting each other in a variety of ways, while also supporting other local businesses and the schools.  This is a solid example of how a strong community can create its own strong economy, simply by sourcing their goods locally.

More local ingredients mean more opportunities to work together

The simple fact is that sourcing your wares locally is essential to a stronger local economy.  While this may seem unimportant to some, the resulting effects of this cycle affect everyone in the community.  From local schools gaining more funding from businesses in the community to children learning a new skill thanks to participating in the cycle, the benefits are endless.

Here at West Palm Beach Brewery, we are proud to source fresh, local ingredients for the meals we provide at The Intracoastal Kitchen.  We know that our choice affects our community and we’re glad to be part of strengthening the local economy through our efforts.  Stop in and see us to check out how delicious those ingredients make our dishes!



Jan 15, 2018