Happy Hour: 4pm - 7pm, M-F

What makes a taproom great?

Our Journey

When it comes to creating taproom ambiance, we thought long and hard about what direction we wanted to take.  There are taprooms all over the United States and we’ve visited quite a few of them, making notes about what we felt really worked and what didn’t, at least for us.  Then we came back home and put together the plan for our own taproom here at West Palm Beach Brewery in Florida.

A comfortable and inviting atmosphere is a must

One key feature we’ve made sure to incorporate into our taproom is a welcoming atmosphere.  Whether you’re out walking the dog, jogging with the baby, or deciding on a place to dine with your family, we’d love to see you!  We welcome dogs in the brewery (providing they are leashed and well-behaved) and children are welcome, too under appropriate supervision.

Our goal was to create a taproom where everyone can come to relax and forget the world for a few minutes or even a couple of hours.  Where families, friends, and co-workers can all get together and chat while enjoying some amazing craft beer, great wine, or one of our brick-oven artisan pizzas.  We think we’ve pretty well nailed that goal, but we’d love for you to stop in and see for yourself!

Variety, creativity, and art make a taproom great, too!

When it comes to variety, we have that in spades.  From our classic in-house brewed styles to the guest taps we have to offer, there is something for everyone in our taproom.  We’ve also taken the time to really put together a laid-back design that invites folks to simply enjoy their time here and let loose a little bit.  Nothing makes a bad day brighter than being able to relax and take off the masks we were every day.

No matter what your reason for stopping in, we hope you enjoy your visit.  Do not hesitate to ask the staff about a brewery tour, suggestions for a pairing with your meal, or advice on which brew would be best suited to your tastes.  We’re here to make you smile a little more and we love helping folks choose a brew!  We hope to see you soon!  Until then, safe travels and happy tasting!


Feb 22, 2018