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Making Craft Beer at West Palm Brewery — 5 things to know


It's time to toast the rave reviews!How does the West Palm Beach Brewery make craft beer downtown in an old CrossFit facility? Hats off to the many lovers of craft beer who want to know about making craft beer at 332 Evernia Street. We are humbled by your patronage and your interest in the West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault. Whether you are a “hop head“, craft beer critic or enthusiast, or you just want to know more about making craft beer in Florida, here are 5 things to know about West Palm Brewery production. We are: “Always small. Always local. Always craft.” 

  1. We Don’t Distribute. The West Palm Beach Brewery does not distribute. We don’t have any plans to, and, admittedly, we don’t have the time to focus on that. That means that all the beer which we produce in our 10 barrel, state of the art production facility is sold on the premises in downtown West Palm Beach. Our time is not spent on the bottling line, nor filling up kegs for a distributor or a restaurant. But, that does not mean that you can’t take it with you! We do offer 32 ounce crowler cans to-go. But our production team is focused on three things: First, providing consistency to delicious craft beer. Second, making beer safe, sanitary and on point. Third, sourcing local and new ingredients for our rotating lines, limited production beers and Private Reserve series.  
  2. Complete Artistic License. No corporate conglomerate handcuffs! Chief Brewer Joel Kodner has complete control over not just the brewing process, but also the variety and craft beer offerings. We are a very small company and don’t have a big, corporate board of directors to report to. While our owner is not crazy, he focuses more on the beer than the bottom line, believing that revenues will follow the suds trail. Joel can make just about anything he wants, and enjoys the freedom to make new beers, so called “one-off’s”, and enjoys the respect to get creative. There’s no pressure to focus on the “best selling beer” or production targets because we don’t distribute. Joel and his production team actually focus more on the feedback we receive from guests, including what types of new craft beers they would like to see us offer. If you have an idea for a new brew, please email info@WestPalmBeer.com or post on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/wpbrewery/ 
  3. Locally Sourced Stuff. We like local! We like artisan! We do our very best to source local ingredients and support local farmers and family farms throughout Palm Beach County, Broward, Homestead and throughout Florida. In fact, our spent grain and mash are donated to local, Palm Beach County farms, which use it for their local farming. The brewing process employs Florida raspberries for our B4 Razz, and premium coffee beans from the best local coffee roasters (like Oceana Coffee of Jupiter, Florida) for Joel’s rotating coffee porters and brown ales. We also have a restaurant at the brewery, called The Intracoastal Kitchen. We strive to use local ingredients, including Arugula, herbs and spices, as well as artisan meats. Chef actually –believe this!!– makes his own pizza dough and mozzarellaPassion. Craft. Artisan.
  4. No Extracts. Go to any craft beer industry conference, and you will see chemical and flavoring companies hawking extracts and flavorings to get your brewery to a certain flavor and barrel capacity in a shorter period of time. Not us.  Our beer is made with sincerity + passion. And, yes, sometimes our production costs are a bit more and the production time is longer. We are OKAY with that. We don’t want to change, or sell out in the name of increased production, or to get a bottle on the shelves of some grocery store. Those are not our goals. You also won’t see artificial ingredients, extracts or flavorings added to kick start a beer. We use the real stuff or don’t use it at all. No fake stuff!

  5. Limited Production Rotating Beers. We offer limited production, rotating beers, and Private Reserve craft beers throughout the year. You’ve raved about Joel’s coffee Porters, made with various premium coffee beans from all over the world. Thank you! We listened. Joel now has a constant rotating line of coffee beer. We also increased production since we were selling out too fast. Now, we make a barrel or two of these limited production craft beers instead of a 1/6 barrel or 1/2 barrel. Thanks for your feedback. Keep it coming. We do our best to listen and alter our beers and production to your wants. Joel’s coffee ales and porters use different premium coffee beans from various geographies, often chosen after consulting with a local roaster or roast master. Then the grind (fine, extra fine, medium or coarse) is selected. Recently we used amazing beans from Oceana Coffee https://oceanacoffee.com in Jupiter, Florida. At the May 10, 2018 Havernia Cigar Dinner outside of the Brewery, we unveiled two amazing Private Reserve Beers for this cigar pairing dinner to go with premium hand-rolled cigars from Los Habaneros http://habaneroscigars.com/ on 3222 South Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach: (561) 833-8144.    https://www.facebook.com/habaneros.cigars/ –the 2018 Private Reserve Cognac French Oak Brown Ale and the Cortadito Coffee Porter. We strive to bring interesting drafts to our 20-tap, Tap Room. Other limited production craft beers include the B4 Razz. Don’t forget our Dreamer’s Lager which is a Mexican-style Lager made with flaked Maize and Blue Agave!  


May 13, 2018