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Making a splash with Harpoon IPA

Our Journey

As many of you know, we’ve been spending a bit of time checking out the many amazing breweries around the United States while monitoring the construction of our own brewery here in West Palm Beach, Florida.  We can honestly say that the past many months have been a rollercoaster of activity, with our efforts doubling recently when we finally received our permits for the rest of our construction.  This means that West Palm Beach Brewery and The Vault will finally be able to open it’s doors to the public later this year and we’re very excited about that.

A new “must try” craft beer has been found in our travels!

In the meantime, we’ve been traveling all over the United States and bringing you news of the great craft breweries and different craft beers we try along the way.  Today we’re reporting that Harpoon IPA has been added to our list of “must try” brews!  That’s right, we’ve discovered another great craft beer that you really need to check out from Harpoon Brewing Company!

As you can see from the image at the left, Harpoon IPA is a gorgeous amber in color, quite clear, and has a nice head to it with plenty of bubbles and just a bit of carbonation to the brew.  Once you get past the nice color the brew holds, you get to move on to an aroma that definitely draws you in and makes you WANT to taste the brew.  This is something we love to discover, as many brews can have an aroma that doesn’t chase you away but doesn’t pull you in either.  Finding one that makes you really want a taste of the craft beer in your glass is a huge bonus.

The floral hints in the aroma are absolutely delicious and they lead directly to a citrusy hop-centric flavor profile that really impressed us.  As you see, we enjoyed a pint of this brew and spent some time discussing the way the brewery produces their outstanding craft beer.  Learning about the making of the brew was great and the staff there are all really friendly.  We highly suggest taking the time to pay them a visit if you get the chance so you too can enjoy their company for a while and try some great craft beer from folks that really care about the craft beer they brew.

We visited their Windsor, Vermont location and had the chance to tour the brewery, taste some of their great brews, discuss the production with staff, and overall had a great time during our visit.  If you get a chance to check them out, remember to come back and leave us a comment about what you thought of the brewery and the brews you tried.  We love to hear from our readers!  Also, make sure to make West Palm Beach a location of interest for you later this year, as we’d love to see everyone at our opening!


Apr 21, 2017