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Malty brews are great!

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If you’ve had more than four or five different craft beers, you’ve likely run across a few malty brews already.  This is a given because there are so many craft beers on the market that contain copious amounts of malt.  While many are in love with their hoppy IPAs, we have to openly state that malty brews are great!  Sure, we love our hop-filled craft beers too, but there is a space in our hearts that only a great malty brew can fill.

What exactly are malty brews?

When we speak of “malty brews”, we are referring to craft beers that are made with copious amounts of malt.  Typically, these brews are not as hoppy as others, which seems to catch the attention of those who aren’t quite the hoppy type.  They sometimes have a dry or slightly bitter finish, and pair amazingly well with a wide variety of dishes, which makes them even more tantalizing.

In addition, they make a great crossover for those who are just starting to get into brown ales and other brew types.  If you love Porters, then malt-based brews are likely to hit your list of “must-haves” as well.  Founders Brewing has a few great brews that seem to be very popular right now and there are other breweries out there pushing these lines too.

Who are some of the craft breweries that make malty brews?

There are plenty of old and new craft breweries out there that are churning out malty brews to add to their already great lines.  Bells Beer is one of them and their brew Consecrator is a very nice Doppelbock that you really should try if you get a chance.  It’s a nice crossover brew in our opinion for those who are moving from Porters to other types of brews.

As we’ve already mentioned, Founders Brewing is another great place to check for malt-based craft beers that just might grab your notice.  Their brew Dirty Bastard is an outstanding choice for those who want to try out some barrel-aged brews that have a great malt feel to them as well.  If you love porters, remember to check out theirs, as it’s a great craft brew and has gained a lot of popularity.

Another outstanding choice is Erie Brewing Company’s Railbender.  This Scottish-style Ale has a great, deep malt flavor and the caramel sweetened brew also features a very light hint of hops.  A great crossover brew for those who like hoppy brews, but want to move on to other styles.  Or simply great for those who absolutely love malt.  Either way, it’s a win-win.

Malty brews are gaining ground for good reason

With the craft brewing community growing larger every year, it does not surprise us that malt-heavy brews are gaining some serious popularity.  Much like porters and barleywine, these brews offer a pretty nice change from the pilsners and pale ales we’ve come to expect from the industry.  With a strong connection to old-world traditions, these brews open up a wider range of possibilities for craft beer aficionados and direct them to those older breweries like the ones in Belgium.

We’re always happy to promote travel, discovery, and new experiences, as this is exactly what the craft brewing industry is about.  We’d love to hear about some of the great malty brews you’ve tried.  You never know, it might become our next feature!  In the meantime, we’re going to keep working towards the opening of our own brewery here in West Palm Beach, Florida, and report on all of the great brews we come across during our travels.  Happy brewing folks!





Feb 19, 2017