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How many minutes do you need?

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This feature is for the hopheads out there that really love their brews.  For those who love to hunt down all of the hoppy deliciousness they can each year in between work, family, and all of the other responsibilities that fill their lives.  We all need a few minutes to ourselves where we can sit down, unwind, and really relax.  As each of us is different, we all need a different amount of wind-down.  How many minutes do you need?

60-minute IPA from Dogfish Head Brewing60 minutes or 90, you can enjoy both!

Dogfish Head Brewing came up with a great solution for those who love hops.  We mean REALLY love hops, because their 60 and 90 Minute IPAs are hoppy delights that will hit the spot with any hops lover who needs some time to kick back and enjoy a great craft beer with friends.  These continuously hopped brews are exactly the right design to hit that “me time” spot with many craft beer enthusiasts and we’re excited to see them still on the market.  90-Minute IPA seems to have gained a huge following since its release and we doubt that DFH has any plans to let go of this hoppy marvel any time soon.

Its little brother, the 60-Minute IPA is no exception to that rule, as many have taken up the standard with this one as well!  Something about the continuous hopping of the brews brings out the biggest aroma and hop character possible for the brews.  Add in some serious dry-hopping and you have two showing-stopping brews that turn heads and please taste buds all over the United States.  Not bad coming from a brewing company that started out small.  Really small.  These brews are proof that big flavor and popularity can come from just about anywhere if the brew master has the drive to make it happen and the vision to do it over again with even more brews in the future.

120 minutes you have to catch while you can

If you fall in love with the 60 and 90 Minute IPAs, you’re definitely going to want to keep your eyes peeled for the rare releases of DFH’s 120-Minute IPA.  This craft beer is only brewed a few times a year, making it a hard catch on the market.  Enthusiasts all over have their calendars marked for the expected releases of this big brother brew and we can’t blame them!  The ABV on this one is variable, ranging from 15-20% ABV, so we’re always sure to take this big boy very seriously.  One bottle gives us plenty of time to talk while we slowly sip our way through the flavor profile that features a HUGE range of hoppy nuances.  From citrus to earthy and back again, this one has big potential and big potency alike.

It’s road trip time!

We always suggest that folks take a road trip to see what DFH has to offer.  There are brews that are only available in their tasting room, which makes a tour an absolute necessity for those who really love those hard to reach craft beers.  Check out their 75-Minute IPA and Nitro World Wide Stout, which are only available in the tasting room and well-worth the road trip.  While you’re there, talk to the staff and learn a bit more about the history of the brewery.  We’re sure you’ll enjoy the journey just as much as we did, as well as enjoying all of the great brews they have to offer.

Remember to leave us a comment with your thoughts on these exciting brews.  We love to hear from our readers and any suggestions you make about brews you’ve found just might become our next feature post!


Apr 9, 2017