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How many taps do you need?

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We’ve asked this on our Facebook page and it led us to wonder, how many taps does a taproom really need?  Sure, places like Funky Buddha need quite a number of taps, as they are producing a large number of brews at once.  With the epic number of small-batch and limited release brews they come up with, it only makes sense that they would have an equally epic number of taps set up.  However, how many taps does the average new craft brewery really need?

The number of taps needed varies by brewery

As we said, folks like Funky Buddha need a huge array of taps, as they’ve been around a long while now and have a big range of brews to offer.  However, new craft breweries are often smaller in setup and size, so how many taps is truly enough?  We’ve looked at many breweries throughout the United States and noticed that, on average, most of the newer craft breweries are only including about a dozen taps total.

This seems to cover not only their own brews, which they are getting out there and sharing with their patrons to see what needs to be adjusted, but also a few taps for “guest beers” that they’ve found their patrons really enjoy.  Why are guest beers important on the tap list, though?

Guest beers on the taps help to determine local demand

When you put guest beers on your tap list, you quickly find out what your local patrons really enjoy.  This can help to determine the direction you want your new craft brewery to take, as you’ll want to ensure your patrons like the brews you create.  Sure, you could go rogue and do whatever you want, but if no one is drinking the brews, you’re not going to gain much of a following without heavy advertising, which leads to high overhead and less ingredient budget.

Overall, each new craft brewery must determine what is right for them.  Some have already offered their budding brews to their local community and determined what they are interested in.  Those breweries often do not utilize guest beer taps in their taprooms, as they’ve already done the footwork.  But for those starting out who haven’t pulled up a few batches beforehand, a couple of extra taps for guest beers just might be the best bet.

What do you think?

How many taps do you think are ideal for a new craft brewery?  Tell us in the comments!  We’d love to hear your view, as our readers’ opinions help us to determine the number of taps for our own brewery opening in October in West Palm Beach.  In the meantime, happy tasting!


Jun 21, 2017