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Marin County vineyards : Kendric Vineyards

Our Journey

Marin County vineyards have some of the best premium wines in and Kendric Vineyards tops that list!  We recently had the opportunity to try out some of their delicious premium wines and we were not disappointed!  In fact, we loved it enough to feature their vineyard in our blog.

The Pinot Noir of Kendric Vineyards is top rated among Marin County vineyardsA bit of history of one of the best Marin County vineyards

Kendric Vineyards was named for Kendric Johnson, father of the founder, Stewart Johnson.  Kendric passed on shortly after the Johnson family was getting started with the vineyard and the naming of the operation is a dedication to both his memory and his high standards.  Stewart’s mother, Kathleen Johnson, owns the ranch on which a large number of their vines are planted and she works together with Stewart to produce some outstanding premium wines!

Kendric Vineyards has made the list of top Marin County vineyardsThis small operation’s quality makes them one the top Marin County vineyards

The Johnsons recognize the value of quality and their small operation produces exactly that.  With a list of wines that any restaurant or connoisseur would be proud to offer from their rack, this family has an offering that we’re more than happy to feature!

To the left, we picture a bottle of their 2009 Pinot Noir, which we’ve thoroughly enjoyed tasting ourselves!  The flavor of this wine is distinct and certainly worth it! We hope to feature more of their wines in our list after our opening this upcoming April in 2017, as they’ve certainly proven themselves to us and we’d like to show others how great their premium wines are as well!

Check back in the future for a list of the wines we’ll be offering, as well as a list of our taproom offerings, then plan a road trip and see us in West Palm Beach, Florida, where you can find some of the best hot spots in the U.S.!


Jan 15, 2017