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Maurice Car’rie Winery has amazing premium wines

Our Journey

If you haven’t heard of Temecula Wine Valley, you really should.  Maurice Car’rie Winery, located in that very place, has been present in the valley since 1968 and has some of the best views that wine country has to offer.

Their winemaker has been studying the craft for nearly twenty years and has brought his family traditions to the winery, which include a dedication to quality and excellence that are unparalleled.  This is a handy fact, as their tasting room is open all throughout the week and those outstanding wines are available for very reasonable rates.

The winery itself has a great variety of events that they host, including a craft fair, brie filled sourdough bread offered by the winery, $15 wine tastings that include an authentic winery glass for you to take home and occasional live music booked at the winery.  With so many things to enjoy besides the tour, which is truly amazing, it’s no wonder so many people have been popping up at the winery.

What types of wine do they offer at Maurice Car’rie?

As for the premium wines that are offered by Maurice Car’rie Winery, there are a variety of delicious vintages to choose from.  Whether you like sparkling wines, whites, reds, or a blend, you can find the perfect wine for you at Maurice Car’rie Winery.  In fact, there is such a selection available that you might actually have trouble choosing just one!

The Riesling they offer has been receiving great reviews, though we have not tried that one ourselves as of yet.  We have, however, tasted their 2012 Van Roekel Estate Syrah and it is absolutely delicious.  The aroma holds hints of smoke and rose, with a touch of berry in there.  The palate offers pepper, plum, and a hint of cherry, leading to a finish that is steeped in vanilla and spice.  We really enjoyed this premium wine and all of its intricacies.  We’re looking forward to trying another vintage from Maurice Car’rie in the near future and we suggest you do the same.

Have you tried any of Maurice Car’rie Winery’s offerings?

If you’ve tried any of the premium wines from this lovely vineyard, drop us a comment and let us know what you thought.  We love to hear from our readers and your comment might be the inspiration for our next feature post.  Until then, happy tasting from all of us here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault.


Apr 26, 2017