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Merus Makes Super 2nd Wine Altus

Our Journey

altus-2  I have enjoyed Merus Wines for some time, and have a number of their vintages in my wine cellar.  I have visited Merus, https://www.meruswines.com/, brought friends to the Napa tasting room, and have gotten to know their sales staff and employees.  Great folks; great wine.  Really good story.

In fact, I remember reading about Merus in the New York Times magazine years ago.  It was an AMAZING piece about a “cult” wine being made in one’s garage that took off.

Well, since then, I have added a number of vintages to my collection, Merus was sold, and is now run by the Foley family of wines.

The West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault http://www.WestPalmBeer.comis a big fan of the Foley family of wines, including its holdings in the Sta. Rita Hills and Santa  Barbara. https://www.foleywines.com/

That’s right, Foley doesn’t just make great Cabernet Sauvignon like Merus, they also make some great Pinot Noir.  Just check out their tasting room down the street from Drum Canyon on Highway 246 in Lompoc, California https://www.foleywines.com/Contact-Us/Directions-and-Maps

If you are a big fan of Central Coast Pinot Noir, or Santa Barbara Pinot Noir, consider the great Pinot Noir growing region of the Sta. Rita Hills.  Many of you know about the Sta. Rita Hills for the SeaSmoke brand.http://www.seasmoke.com/

So, until you visit Foley in the Sta. Rita Hills, consider purchasing some of their “2nd wine” which is offered by Merus: the Altus.

I recently tasted a 2012 Altus as part of a tasting panel for the West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault: delicious.https://www.meruswines.com/Altvs-Wines-by-Merus


Dec 18, 2016