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What makes West Palm Beach’s Mexican Lager so good?


What makes a Mexican lager different than other lagers or ales? Florida craft breweries know that locals and tourists alike enjoy an easy sipping beer.  That’s one reason our B4 Blonde (backyards, boats, BBQ’s and beaches) is the West Palm Beach Brewery’s #1 selling beer.  It’s easy drinking and refreshing. But what about our Dreamers Lager that received so much media attention?

West Palm Beach’s Dreamer’s Lager

  • We released our Dreamer’s Lager on Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018 to great acclaim.
  • To read more about our Mexican Lager on BrewBound, you can click on this link:  https://www.brewbound.com/news/west-palm-beach-brewery-wine-vault-release-dreamers-lager
  • A typical Mexican lager expresses a style all its own.

  • Mexican lagers have unique flavor characteristics that were, or are, influenced by a Vienna lager.

  • Why? Well, most probably because German and Austrian immigrants traveled to Texas and Mexico in the 1800’s, and, at least at some point, starting making beer. 

  • Today, local craft breweries put their own, unique, personal touch on a Mexican Lager

  • Here at the West Palm Brewery, we make our Dreamer’s Lager with Pilsner and Vienna malt, flaked maize, and organic blue agave nectar to add a touch of honey-like sweetness to a light, crisp, refreshing brew which we have lagered for weeks. 

  • As we like to say:  “You will taste freedom.

    How much do we love our Mexican Lager?

  • A  lot ! 

  • To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, we created a special image, which we placed on a limited edition, Dreamers Lager T-shirt available– free to the first 50 people who purchased a glass of Dreamers Lager at the tap party. 

  • Those T-shirts were gone in 20 minutes

  • Thank you to everyone who attended our tap party and release event for Dreamers Lager on May 2, 2018.  It was a huge success.

  • If you would like to see a television report by West Palm Beach’s WPTV on Dreamer’s Lager, please click on this link: https://www.wptv.com/news/region-c-palm-beach-county/west-palm-beach/west-palm-brewery-takes-stand-on-immigration-with-dreamers-lager

    Please remember: at the West Palm Brewery, we have a craft beer tap party, or craft beer release party, for just about every new, craft beer that we make.

  • What’s the secret to getting free, custom-made, limited edition craft T-shirts for each new release of beer? Follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/wpbrewery because we announce on social media and Instagram when we are releasing our new beers.  When we release a new beer, we typically do two things.  First, we set a time and date, typically on a Wednesday or a Thursday starting at 6:00 pm.  The second thing that we do to create some excitement and interest, and to generate craft beer buzz, is to offer free, limited edition craft beer t-shirts to the first 50 patrons who show up, purchase a glass of the newly released beer, and use a secret code.  The secret code is announced the day of the tap party on our Facebook page.  So, for example, for our Dreamer’s Lager tap party, the secret code was “I am a Dreamer, too”.  For the Metermaid IPA release, the secret code was “I just got a ticket.”  Please look for our upcoming tap parties and secret codes to get free limited edition craft beer t-shirts.  
  • This Lager’s image has Lady Liberty at the center, surrounded by barley, hops, Monarch butterflies, and a raft full of people. A Monarch butterfly migrates from Mexico to the USA. Some believe that the Monarch has a spiritual connection to Cinco de Mayo.  

  • And while we are on the subject of our t shirts and merchandise at the brewery, you should know this.  We have the finest, most innovative and creative label designer on the West Coast, who creates images and logos for all of our brewery merchandise and events.  A lot of time and careful thought goes into the images which we create to adorn our crowlers, polo shirts and hoodies.  We welcome your feedback on the images and logos which our brewery has.

  • Yes, we have Dreamer’s Lager available to go in 32 ounce crowlers, each with our own, custom made Dreamers Lager label.  Take one home tonight !  

Finally, we are proud to announce that we are donating $600 to Americans for Immigrant Justice. The $600 represents 100% of all proceeds from the sale of the first 100 Dreamer’s Lagers on Cinco de Mayo, May 5th, 2018.   http://www.aijustice.org/

Americans for Immigrant Justice is based in Miami and Washington, DC.  Americans for Immigrant Justice’s mission and vision is to protect and promote the basic human rights of immigrants and to bring about an American society where immigrants are not subjected to abuse or injustice; are not afraid to seek help; have a fair opportunity to make their case in the system that governs them; and have their contributions valued and encouraged.


May 11, 2018