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More seasonal craft brews

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While we realize Winter is coming to a close, there is also the fact that Spring is an outstanding time of year to check out great seasonal craft brews.  Spring brings with it a wealth of creative ideas for new craft beers and the amazing brew masters throughout the United States step forward to meet the growing demand for new and interesting brews.  With so many double IPAs, double Stouts (yes we’ve seen some), and other classic brews that are super charged on the market, it only makes sense that folks look forward to each new season, knowing there will be a huge influx of new, and likely flavored, brews coming up for them to taste, collect, and possibly hoard for their personal enjoyment.

We’ve put together a list of some of the great seasonal craft beers we’ve come across in the past that just might give some insight into what lies ahead for the coming year in the craft brewing industry.  While we cannot guarantee that breweries will be popping up with the exact same type of brews, we can certainly be sure they’ll be trying to bring out more of what we’ve already shown them we love.

Seasonal craft brews that feature a creamy texture and great flavor

Stouts are gaining as much interest as many other types of craft beer and we’ve come across several over the years that have been great.  With so many amazing craft breweries showing their talent for creating these brews, we’ve had the chance to try a wide variety of lovely stouts that we’ve featured over time.  Below is a short list of those that really fit the seasonal profile.

Seasonal craft brews that feature outstanding flavor profiles

If you’re not into Stouts as much as you are several other types of brews, there are a variety of craft beers out there that you just might enjoy.  From Porters to IPAs, these brews feature not only the classic brewing of their type, but also generous helpings of fresh fruit and vegetables that really amp up their flavor profile.  Another great feature of these brews is their ability to remind us of the things we really enjoy about different seasons.

For example, a great raspberry brew reminds us of the joys of late summer and early fall.  On the same note, an outstanding pumpkin brew reminds us of the fun of Halloween and the end days before winter sets in.  Take this further and gather some cucumber or citrusy brews to keep you dreaming of Spring during those cold winter months, all while enjoying the wintery brews that come out each year.  Below we’ve put together a quick list of some great flavored brews for you to enjoy.

Dogfish Head Festina Peche

Westbrook Brewing White Thai

New Glarus Brewing Raspberry Tart

Terrapin Brewing The Walking Dead Blood Orange IPA

New Glarus Brewing Wisconsin Belgian Red

Seasonal craft brews are coming and we’re ready

With the new season heading in, we’re expecting a great range of seasonal craft brews to pop up in the near future, including fruity brews, field-style brews, and some more amazing stouts and IPAs that push the limits of both the malt and hops arenas.  We can’t wait to see what these outstanding breweries come up with this season and we’re sure you’re as excited as we are.

Check back regularly, as we plan on featuring many of the new brews that come out as we find them or hear about them.  If you know of any brews that are coming up in the near future, leave us a comment and we just might make it our next feature!


Mar 7, 2017