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Napa Valley breweries popping up

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With Napa Valley being a wine lover’s paradise, it is no surprise that eventually Napa Valley breweries would pop up and make a splash in the area.  This is exactly what has been happening and to be honest, the vineyards aren’t all that upset!  In fact, there are a few of them who provide barrel-aged brews themselves!  Shhh, don’t tell anyone.  No, wait, tell everyone because this is outstanding news!

Napa Valley breweries have local access to wine barrels!Why are Napa Valley breweries so great?

While you might think “Oh, it’s just another brewery.”, the fact that these breweries are showing up is a great sign.  Napa Valley is the home of some of the finest premium wines in the country!  Do you like barrel-aged beer?  Well, if you do, these breweries have LOCAL ACCESS to barrels!  Are you catching up now?  No?  This means you are sure to see some great new creative brews on the market.  Oh sure, now you’re smiling.  Well, prepare to smile even more, because these brewing companies are really turning out some delicious craft beer!

We all love craft beer.  That fact is obvious, otherwise, we wouldn’t be reading about it, trying new brews, and traveling to check out the new craft breweries opening up around the country.  Whether you like a light lager, crisp pilsner, or dark and bitter stout, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll be searching for the best of the brews.  We’re finding quite a few great brews in the Napa Valley breweries and we’re happy to let you know about them.

What are the Napa Valley breweries turning out?

Napa Valley breweries are popping up hard and fast and the beer they are producing is creative and full of quality ingredients.  The brewmasters are showing some outstanding dedication to their art and below are a few of the outstanding brews we’ve found so far.

Mad Fritz Brewing is located in St. Helena, California and they have been producing some pretty delicious craft beer.  Their beer, The Crow and the Water, is a dry Irish stout that really does justice to their abilities.  Bear in mind that the beer these guys produce is made in limited batches and all bottles are given a serial number.  That number reads as year/month/day/barrel number of the batch.  In addition, their brews age well in the bottle!  How long you choose to age the beer is up to you, as it is a matter of taste.  You can read more about this on their website.

The Calistoga Inn and Brewery is, naturally, located in Calistoga. While they have four main brews they produce all throughout the year, there are a few seasonal brews that we really enjoyed, like their Dugan Oatmeal Stout.  Arrange a tour of their brewery and make sure to visit the bar to taste all of the great brews they have on tap.

Carneros Brewing Company is certainly a hot spot among the Napa Valley breweries as well.  Reviews of their brews are great, with special mention to their Morena Ale, a lovely amber ale with a blend of hops that is simply delicious. The beer is very creamy and unfiltered and the finish is great.  As with most of their brews, this is made in small batches, with the setup right there for you to see!

Last on our short list is Fieldwork Brewing Company, located in Napa, as well as two other locations in Sacremento and Berkley.  Founded in Berkley, this taphouse features a wide variety of brews and a comfortable and fun atmosphere.  Their Cocoanut Imperial Stout is a must-try brew if you like dark beer.  While this is one of their newer creations, it shows the same great dedication that they’ve imbued into every one of their brews.

We hope you get a chance to visit some of these awesome Napa Valley breweries because they’re showing a lot of promise in the brewing industry.  Their innovation and creativity gives us inspiration for our own opening in West Palm Beach in April!  If you happen to be in Florida in April, stop in and see us too!



Jan 19, 2017