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Napa Valley vineyards : Beringer Vineyards

Our Journey

One of the oldest wineries in Napa Valley is Beringer Vineyards, established in 1876.  This is the longest-producing vineyard and winery in the state and they hold a variety of awards and accolades throughout the industry that show they are dedicated, then and now, to producing the best premium wines possible, while involving innovation in the process.

Jacob and Frederick Beringer founded the vineyard with the distinct vision of producing wines that would reach around the world and be remembered for a lifetime.  They accomplished that dream and now, great-great-grandson Mark Beringer continues that tradition without fail.

Mark Beringer has been around the area in his search to gain knowledge and experience.  With a work history that ranges from Benziger to Duckhorn, then on to Artesa and finally, back home at Beringer, he has taken the time to really learn the industry and the variations in the process that make each winery great.

Beringer vineyards takes it slowBeringer Vineyards in Napa Valley understand the importance of time

At Beringer Vineyards, they understand that a great wine cannot be crafted quickly.  The process involves every step from planting the vines to bottling the results, and there can be no rush in between.  While the world moves faster every day, these amazing winemakers continue to uphold the traditions of their forefathers, taking the time to carefully tend their grapes and only using the best of the yield to produce their premium wines.  This ensures that wine connoisseurs around the world are only receiving the very best that they have to offer.

And let us say, those wines are definitely premier premium wines!  They have everything from Single Vineyard labels to a Private Reserve that really makes you want to add them to that “must return” list hidden in your black book.

Beringer Vineyards was using sustainable farming practices before it was fashionable

Beringer Vineyards has dedicated themselves to sustainable farming methods across their vineyards and winery and their achievements in this area are certainly an inspiration for the rest of the industry.  Having turned to solar energy and waterway preservation, they’ve managed to achieve a Fish Friendly Farming rating in the industry, something every industry should strive to achieve.

However, their campaign to be a truly earth-friendly producer do not stop there.  With their cover crop systems strongly rooted, they have the talent for promoting the return of many beneficial insects, which in turn, provides better soil for their crops.  This is much like the method the midwest is using with crop rotation and the C.R.E.P. program that allows land to rejuvenate itself, and it promises a bright future that will include many things we’ve taken for granted.

To learn more about their sustainable farming practices and perhaps gain some ideas of what you can do to follow in their footsteps, head over to their Winemaking page and read about their practices further.

Tours, tastings, and more at Beringer Vineyards

Remember to take a tour of their lovely facilities when you’re in Napa Valley, because this is an activity you will not want to miss.  You will taste some of their captivating wines during the tour and learn more about the rich history of this vineyard and winery.  In addition, they offer several different tasting experiences that are sure to whet your palette.  We recommend the Private Reserve Vertical Tasting, which is conducted in the newly renovated Rhine House, a delightfully old building whose history reaches even deeper than the roots of the vines themselves.

Well-wishes for the future

We here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault look forward to our opening coming up in 2017 and we hope to feature some of Beringer’s outstanding quality in our wine list over time.  We’ll be offering selections that may change over time, so be sure to check the list and see if you have a chance to enjoy Beringer’s best!



Jan 13, 2017