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Napa Valley vineyards : Castello di Amorosa

Our Journey

Finding a Tuscan castle among Napa Valley vineyards sounds a bit far-fetched, but somehow, through a bit of dumb luck, we’ve done exactly that.  I must admit, this place is amazing!  The land was purchased over two decades ago and the real-life castle was built of old-fashioned hand fired bricks.  There are even fireplaces inside of Castello di Amorosa that were brought over from the Tuscan region of Italy!  Talk about a living piece of history in Napa Valley!

Napa Valley vineyards produce some amazing winePremium wines aged in French oak barrels at this lovely Napa Valley vineyard are amazing

Besides the fact that I am still astounded by the castle itself, the tour of the rooms is fascinating and the history and explanations of their process are certainly worth the time.  In the Grand Barrel Room, they have situated every single barrel of wine, where they will rest while aging in French Oak, slowly taking on all of the delicious flavors their wines are known for.  This room is massive and it includes a hand-crafted travertine that serves as their tasting bar!

The winery uses this room to host events and believe me, the atmosphere of an event in this beautiful room would be worth the cost!  I can only imagine what it was like having celebrities and dignitaries in this room, as the room itself has a presence that rivals the fame of stars.  If you’d like to take a peek at the room, just head over and take a virtual tour, though we certainly suggest going there in person!

Worldly atmosphere and recognition make Napa Valley vineyards like this one great

This luscious Napa Valley vineyard and winery is even mentioned in publications such as Huffington Post, in which the writer simply glowed about the wine and cheese pairings offered and stated they would be going back again!  In addition, they were recognized as being among “the best in wine country” by Fodor’s Travel in 2015, which showcase Northern California’s most outstanding wineries and vineyards each year.

Upcoming events at one of the most interesting Napa Valley vineyards

Although the New Year’s Masquerade Ball is already sold out, you still have a chance to get in for their Royal Hearts Valentine Gala on February 11th.  Reservations are required, so make sure to contact them soon and reserve your entry!  After all, an event in such a picturesque Napa Valley location is not something to be passed up!

We here at West Palm Brewery and Wine Vault wish all those at Castello di Amorosa a great coming season and hope to see some of their wines cross our list after we open in 2017 here in south Florida!



Jan 18, 2017