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Napa Valley vineyards : Jamieson Ranch Vineyards

Our Journey

Today we bring you one of the most beautiful vineyards in Napa Valley.  Jamieson Ranch Vineyards is located at 1 Kirkland Ranch Rd. in American Canyon, California and let me tell you, this place is LUSH!  The location is gorgeous, the weather is enough to make you want to relocate, and the wine… just wow.

Do they offer premier Napa Valley wine?

Good question, though it’s one that should be pretty obvious.  Yes!  These guys offer some of the best wine in Napa Valley and they really know their craft.  Napa Valley vineyards are well-known for producing some of the most amazing wine in the industry.

Who is their winemaker?

Juan Jose Verdina is the winemaker for this outstanding vineyard and boy does he know his stuff.  As the former Winemaker for Copa Del Rey Wines, Juan has the experience needed to really make Jamieson Ranch’s premium wines shine.  He simply could not pass up the opportunity when it was offered in 2014 and we hope he plans to stick around!

What type of Napa Valley events do they offer?

Every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. the vineyard opens their doors to visitors who wish to take a tour or sample their wines.  In addition, they hold events that support the Light Horse Foundation, founded by the vineyard itself in order to provide therapy for children with autism.  With every sale of their Light Horse line of wines, part of the proceeds goes to the foundation to help make a brighter future for the children participating in the program.

What else can I experience at their vineyard?

Jamieson Ranch also offers a variety of guided pairings, which serve to educate and delight their patrons.  These pairings are certainly worth it in our humble opinion, especially if they include the Light Horse line!  After all, why not support their amazing foundation while you enjoy some great food and outstanding premier wine?!

We here at West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault wish the vineyard a bright and hopeful future and our hats are off to them for their clear of children and their community.



Dec 23, 2016