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Napa Valley vineyards : Staglin Family Vineyard

Our Journey

Staglin Family Vineyard is a site steeped in history, owner changes, and tradition.  Located on the Rutherford bench, this Napa Valley vineyard passed hands several times since 1864 and been separated out as well, the estate was finally brought under single ownership and reformed in entirety in 2007.  This brought the 140-year-old estate back to one full block of property, although the ownership is not the most interesting part of the journey!  Having been planted in prunes at one point, then grapes for the rest, this property has seen some outstanding minds and devotion to excellence over many decades.  One such mind was that of Andre Tchelistcheff, who last oversaw the removal of the prunes and planting of the grapes that have provided such outstanding wines since.

This family vineyard takes pride in the wines they producePremium wine production and family vineyard values

The Staglin family has headed the operation since 1985 and their wines are a truly wonderful example in the premium wine sector.  Every member of the family holds a position in the estate and they work hard as a team to oversee every aspect of the day-to-day operations, a fact that we certainly admire.  This family has come together to provide the aficionados of the wine industry some of the best premium wines in the market, including their Staglin Family Estate INEO and Staglin Family Estate Cabernet Sauvignon.  Each bottle is a delightful gift and we’re sure they will continue to see bright things in their future!

Philanthropy among the vines at this family vineyard

Our favorite is their Salus Estate series.  This line of wines has a special purpose for us as it should for everyone, with 100% of the proceeds going towards mental health research.  This is an admirable and very worthy cause and our hats are off to the Staglin family for this precious gift, as we cannot think of a better cause to support.  We highly suggest this line of wines, both for its outstanding and distinct flavors and for the charitable efforts each sale supports.

We here at West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault look forward to seeing the Staglin family wines continue to gain momentum in the future and perhaps cross our wine list a time or three after we open officially in south Florida 2017!



Dec 27, 2016