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Napa Valley vineyards : Tamber Bey

Our Journey

If we’re going to feature some of the most beautiful wineries in Napa Valley, we simply must include the elegant Tamber Bey, founded in 1999 in Calistoga, California by vintner Barry Waitte.  Waitte also holds a place on the board of the Oakville Winegrowers Association, showing he has earned his place among the top minds in the industry.

Grapes, wine, and outstanding horsemanship

This luscious set of vineyards features one of the top equestrian facilities in the region, which sits on 22 acres of gorgeous landscape.  In fact, they host one of their wine tastings in the courtyard, surrounded by a 16-stall barn where they house the horses currently in their training program.  The creative spark does not stop there, however, as their innovative crush winery was designed inside a 15,000 sq. ft. covered riding arena!  This is certainly a great example of using what you have to create what everyone wants!

Taste is good, wine is great, and Napa Valley tourism is booming

There are a variety of tasting and tour options available at this lovely location.  With their Vineyard Series Tasting, Signature Series Tasting, Ranch and Winery Tour, Savory Cookie Pairing, and even a Picnic Lunch and Tasting!  If you decide to go for a tasting, remember to chat up the horses that ring the courtyard.  After all, these high-class athletes want some social time too.

High-class vineyards and select plans for the future

Tamber Bey owns and operates five distinct vineyards in Napa Valley that cover a range of acreages.  With each vineyard producing grapes for their premium wines, they have to be tended with utmost care.  This feat is managed by Josh Clark, their extremely capable vineyard manager who was selected directly by Barry Waitte himself.

The vineyards produce the grapes necessary to produce the Bey’s outstanding wines which include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Dijon Chardonnay, all outstanding selections.  Each wine is carefully crafted in the vast crush winery that houses an impressive 36 fermentation tanks!  That’s quite a lot of bright tanks to hold and their converted riding arena seems to accomplish the task very well.

The vineyards themselves encompass over 100 acres of picturesque landscape and hold a wide variety of grapes from Cabernet Sauvignon to Chardonnay and even a planting of Malbec.  With several varietal wines to be produced, these plantings are all carefully managed so provide the best yield and quality possible.

The wines of Napa Valley at Tamber Bey

We have to give credit where it is due, and there is a great deal of it to give at this winery.  These premium wine producers clearly have their act together and watching their athletic horses in action is a joy in itself.  They’ve tied their equestrian side and their wines together in many ways, all the way down to their names, with wines like their 2013 Rabicano, 2013 Sabino, and 2013 Tovero wines.  For those who are not well-versed in the equine industry, sabino, rabicano, and tovero all refer to a horse’s coat.  These labels hint at a diversity only understood when you taste the wine itself, as well as the quality and individuality each wine displays.

Our hats are off to Tamber Bey in Calistoga for dreaming up the Mecca of equestrian excellence and winemaking tradition.  We hope to have the chance to feature some of their wines in our list after our opening in early 2017!


Dec 23, 2016