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Napa Valley vineyards : William Hill Estate Winery

Our Journey

Continuing on in our series about the beautiful vineyards of Napa Valley, California, we come to a lovely place called William Hill Estate Winery.  Settled amid some of the most inviting vineyards in the Sonoma County area, this winery has become widely popular with aficionados both locally and abroad.

Napa Valley founding and legendary vision

Founded in 1976, this amazing example of premium wine production was started by William Hill, a visionary where vineyard development is concerned and still known for being one of THE premier winemakers in the U.S. even four decades later.

The location of this massive 200-acre vineyard is hard to beat, with absolutely majestic hills and fields as far as the eye can see.  It is no wonder that this has become a hot tourist location in Napa Valley wine country because the beautiful views alone are worth a thousand words.  Add to that the fact that they offer tastings for their delicious premier wines and you’ve got a winning combination!

Meet the winemaker of William Hill Estates

Mark Williams has been around the world and had the opportunity to sample a wide variety of grapes.  Logging time from Australia to the U.S., he brings a great deal of experience to the winery and hopes to continue the tradition of growing outstanding crops and blending them, both by region and vineyard, to create premium wines that tantalize wine connoisseurs tastebuds.

Take a tour and try a flight!

There are a variety of tour and tasting options available at William Hill, including a membership option that allows up to 10 tastings per year!  That is a temptation even we here at West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault find it hard to pass up.  Perhaps you’ll find some of the William Hill wines passing through our wine list when we open in 2017!

Official premium wine of the PGA tour and proud

William Hill premium wines have become the official choice of the PGA tour and can be found in some of the richest restaurants across the world.  This kind of notoriety is not earned overnight and we sincerely hope they continue their great tradition of producing outstanding premium wines for one of the most beautiful wineries in Napa Valley.


Dec 23, 2016