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Howell Mountain… Napa’s First Sub-AVA


Known for its beautiful hillside vineyards and stunning views, Howell Mountain is one of Naps’s northern treasures. Designated in 1983 at Napa’s first sub-appellation, it is now one of the thirty plus sub-apellations in the valley. Prior to prohibition, the region was known for its Zinfandel grapes but by the end of the century Cabernet Sauvignon grapes were predominately planted in the area. Now know for its Bordeaux varietals and smokey fruit forwards Cabs, Howell Mountain’s ideal sun exposure, rocky well drained soil and temperate climate make it one of the most ideal grape planting areas in the Napa Valley. 

So next time you stop by for a glass of wine, be sure to give out Howell Mountain Reserve Cabernet and Alpha Dog Zinfandel a try. 

Here’s a quick break down of US Wine Classification and how the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau classifies regions, appellations and sub appellations. 

Regional Boundary – This includes the county, state and US boundary. If a wine label has a region listed on it, 75% of that wine must be from that region. Examples you might see include, California, Sonoma County, Napa County and Central Coast

AVA – A designated wine producing region know as an American Viticulture Area. If listed on a label, at least 85% of the wine must be from that region. Examples include Columbia Valley, Napa, North Coast 

Sub AVA – A less official term used to describe a smaller AVA within a larger AVA. Still officially recognized by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. Examples include, Howell Mountain, Oakville, Calistoga and Rutherford. 


Nov 3, 2017