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Neighborhood Brewery Created in West Palm Beach Near Water


The West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault has helped create a neighborhood feel on Evernia Street. Find out why so many neighbors, patrons and craft beer lovers say you’ve got to buy into this neighborhood brewery concept near the water in downtown. So… you are probably wondering why this writer is not writing about some IPA or a Russian Imperial Stout, right? Well, that will be left for another article or posting on great craft beer. What I want to share with readers right now is how you can create a neighborhood, and positive feel, and upbeat vibe, to a once sleepy street, or block. Why?  Because at the end of the day, our craft beer, the experience which the West Palm Brewery provides is all about people. And the people make that experience, and create the great vibe at the brewery, and, now, this great neighborhood known as the Brewery Block of Evernia Street, two blocks west of the water. 

  • Neighborhood Brewery Feel. 30 months ago, there was  a lot of dust and cracked sidewalks on Evernia Street. Admittedly, not a lot was happening. 
  • Brewery Invests in West Palm. Wow! A LOT has happened in just two years. Want to see how a city block can change and how it can invigorate and create a real neighborhood?
  • Neighborhood Brewery Creates Vibe. Not only did the brewery invest in what used to be “sleepy old” Evernia Street, but, now, we have brand new, gorgeous apartment buildings surrounding Evernia Street like The Alexander,  http://www.alexanderlivingwpb.com/alexander/  Alexander Loftshttp://www.alexanderlivingwpb.com/alexander-lofts/ BroadStone City Center,   https://broadstonecitycenter.com/and, coming soon, the Brightline Train Station https://gobrightline.com/ Apartments.
  • Neighborhood Brewery. These new apartments added to The Whitney and The Strand condo’s on Evernia, as well as The Blind Monk, https://theblindmonk.com/ which is an awesome very popular, much loved wine bar just a block away. 
  • Can a Brewery Actually Create a Neighborhood Feel?   This new, state of the art brewery is exactly what this neighborhood near the Intracoastal Waterway needed!  With the brewery now, you have foot traffic and pedestrians walking to the brewery for business meetings, happy hour, and to get a bite to eat.  https://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-food/  Folks get together, neighbors to hang around for sunset together and watch the stars come out on a beautiful Palm Beach evening.

    Families and friends meet on Sundays for All Day Rosé, live music, free brewery tours, free wine tours, and, let’s face it, just to get out of the house.  I’m not even talking about how passionate fans come together to follow the Miami Dolphins or other NFL teams on Sundays during football season. I’m not even talking about how popular the brewery is on Saturdays during college football as everyone wants to follow their favorite college football teams. No, I’m simply saying that people like, well, other people, and the positive vibe of a community getting together to try a new craft beer at our tap party or the release of a new winehttps://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-wines/ The brewery, at least the outside seating area, now seems to be an incredible meeting place to hang and meet with friends, and get to know folks  you’ve never met before. 

  • Visitors Get It! I think visitors get it! I think they see, and experience, and understand, the importance of neighborhood, and the great fun you can have when a brewery has neighborhood character. Hey, I’m not bashing strip malls by any means, but this ain’t no strip mall. This is a real city neighborhood now. Those attending conferences at The Breakers Hotel https://www.thebreakers.com/in Palm Beach, and conventions at the new Palm Beach County Convention Center, http://www.pbconventioncenter.com/ know that just a few blocks away, or a short Uber ride, you get a neighborhood feel, great craft beer made right here in our production facility on Evernia Street, made-2-order food and incredible wine! Inside in the A/C or outside, under the Florida stars! People love neighborhoods.  Look at how popular cities and boroughs or areas are like the Back Bay or Fenway Park in Boston, Pike Place in Seattle, SoHo, Greenwich Village, the Square in Sonoma or Healdsburg, the area around Wrigley Field in Chicago and even river cities like Cincinnati. 
  • Neighborhood Brewery. People love the feel, the uniqueness of a particular neighborhood. At our brewery, we are so flattered that so many wine lovers and craft beer enthusiasts have shared with us that they think we have an amazing, positive, upbeat and fun vibe to our brewery. Premium, artisan craft beer, food and Napa wine are just a part of that success formula. The neighborhood, the experience of being on Evernia Street, of seeing smiling faces, folks meeting, hanging out, and sharing good times, laughing, inside or under the stars, outside in a chair or at a picnic table….that’s what helps make a great neighborhood. And we have one in West Palm Beach! Just two blocks from the beautiful intracoastal waterway on Flagler Drive. And you won’t find that in a strip mall!


Jun 21, 2018