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New brick oven at West Palm?

Our Journey

For those that follow our FaceBook page, it is no surprise that we will have a brick oven in the kitchen of West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault.  However, you may be wondering why we’ve chosen this as our cooking style.  Simply put, Artisan food is great and it pairs up really well with both craft beer and premium wine, too!

What makes Artisan food so great?

Artisan food may not seem like such a big deal to everyone, but for those of us who really love food as much as we love craft beer and premium wine, there is no match for it when pairing these things with food.  Artisan foods often have a great deal more flavor and quality than the average food truck can provide, making them the perfect choice for pairing, as well as just more delicious all around.

Be honest with yourself, would you truly prefer something from a food truck over a delicious meal prepared in the taproom in Artisan style?  Of course not.  Thus, we’ve gone the extra mile and ensured that our patrons will receive not only outstanding craft beer and wine but also great food that reaches beyond the quality a food truck will offer.

What kinds of Artisan foods will you offer?

We plan to offer a variety of Artisan meals including some of the best pizza in the area.  Our chef is quite proud of their skills and we can’t wait to give them the chance to show off a bit!  We’re sure you’re going to enjoy the food here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault and we hope to see everyone at our opening this October.  We’re quite excited and we’ve entered into an exclusive contract with Pankauski Wine Cellars as well, allowing us to be the only place where you can access their premium wines!

Artisan food, premium wine, and amazing craft beer all in one place.  What more could you ask for?  Ok, bikini-clad beach bunnies aside, we are pretty sure we have everything covered.  West Palm Beach already has the beaches, so you’ll have to go catch the bunnies yourselves.

Stop in for our opening in October!

We will be opening our doors on October 1st, as long as everything continues to go as planned, and we can wait to see all of you there.  Come on in and grab a brew, some great food, and enjoy some time chatting with friends and staff in what is sure to be your new favorite hot spot in South Florida.  Until then, happy tasting and happy pairing!


Jun 19, 2017