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New craft breweries are on the move

Our Journey

With companies like Anheuser-Busch Inbev buying up new craft breweries like they are going out of style, it leads us to wonder if maybe people really are tired of the mass-produced, water-down brands are losing popularity as fast as craft beers are gaining theirs.  After all, why else would such big names be vying for our breweries?  Why would they have any interest in our beer if theirs weren’t losing sales?  Could it be that people have put down the water and picked up the ale?  We certainly hope so!

Craft beer brewing has been a “thing” for centuries.  Actually, that is how those watery cans of beer started out.  Yep, that’s right, they actually tasted good at one time.  Of course, that was before mass-production, lower standards, and big business enterprise dipped their hands into the brews, but they did taste great long ago.

Has big business pushed craft brewing to the top?

In their own way, big manufacturing companies have done exactly that.  By choosing to produce beer with standards that are not in line with old-fashioned craft brewing standards, they’ve opened the door for smaller, new craft breweries to step into the limelight and shine.  In a world where taste is king, these smaller breweries are able to focus on exactly that, producing brews that please the public time and again.  While this is bad news for big business, it’s great for the community of craft beer enthusiasts!

New craft breweries are popping up every year across the globe and we love it!  While some breweries focus on pilsners, others focus on ale, and some even have cider operations in place!  This creates a wide range of products for the community to try and we all love trying something new.  Granted, larger producers like AB-Inbev are creating new, flavored beers and they do it in mass-produced quantities that gain a wider reach than our smaller breweries, but they still lack that pioneering spirit that drives the population to choose smaller labels first.

Beer lovers everywhere are turning to new craft breweriesWill new craft breweries be able to stand up against bigger companies?

While this question would have sparked debate a decade or two ago, today’s sales of craft beers by smaller craft breweries tell a positive story about the future.  As the variety of brews on the market increases, so do craft beer sales, which shows that these smaller operations have the potential to grow even further over the next decade.  This growth shows that the foundation of craft brewing has come back to its roots and that is something we’re all proud of.  After all, if you had to choose between a can of Bud Lite and a bottle of Weizen Eisbock, would the decision really be that hard?

We look forward to the future with bright eyes and high expectations because the rise in popularity of craft beer shows that we’re definitely here to stay.


Dec 28, 2016