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Nitro Milk Stout on Tap at West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault


Nitro milk stout?  Have you ever had a craft beer on nitro?  Well, at the West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault, you can now enjoy a great craft beer with the NITRO experience!  Here’s what you need to know about this Florida craft brewery taking their nationally acclaimed beer to a new level.

  • Nitro Milk Stout.   The West Palm Beach Brewery was opened in December of 2017.  In this short time, it has gained national prominence and awards for their craft beers made right there in downtown West Palm Beach, at 332 Evernia Street.  That’s right, this south Florida craft brewery, and creator of amazing block parties is NOT in some warehouse district or off the beaten path.  “The location is great” says owner John Pankauski.  “We are about 5 blocks north of CityPlacehttp://www.cityplace.com  and the new convention centerhttp://www.pbconventioncenter.com/  and two blocks south of city hall.  And with the new Brightline Train Stationhttp://www.GoBrightline.com one block west of us, customers from Miami and Ft. Lauderdale come all the time.”  What the owner did not say was that there is a 7 story, reasonably priced parking garage 30 feet away from his brewery. Regardless, this off-2-the-races craft brewery just raised the level of its amazing craft beer with the introduction of nitro beers.  Their Milk Stout, which debuted on November 9, 2018, just tapped, is their first nitro milk stout. Indeed, it’s their first nitro beer.   The addition of nitro to their lineup of craft beers gives their chief brewer artistic license to provide customers with new craft beer experiences.   With their Nitro Milk Stout, the slow injection of nitrogen gives you a bubbling show, and picture perfect top-off in the glass. It adds a soft smoothness, a creaminess that adds to the rich flavor.  To learn more about nitro in craft beer, you can click on this link:     https://www.craftbeer.com/craft-beer-muses/good-beer-gas-nitro-beers-explained         Look for the West Palm Beach Brewery to go beyond this nitro milk stout with a nitro porter and even nitro chocolate stout and nitro coffee stouts.  
  • Nitro Beer.  “We want to keep the consumer, the patron, engaged ” says Pankauski.  “Whether you live or work in our neighborhood, or are visiting Palm Beach County, we have you covered with great food,   https://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-food/ beer and a nice glass of winehttps://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-wines/   Our role in the craft beer and downtown community is to create a memorable experience.”  That’s why Pankauski does things which other breweries in South Florida simply don’t do.  Like what?  The West Palm Brewery has it’s own restaurant with a $20,000 hand made (in Sonoma, CA) wood fire oven, a wine bar and retail store complete with a Napa Valley-like tasting room.  But the uniqueness of this craft brewery does not stop there.  The brewery installed its own performance stage for the spring and summer months when it has live music on Sauvignon Blanc Sundays.   Although this craft brewery is NOT a sports bar, there are 11 HD Smart TVs and a top flight sound system to watch all the NFL Sunday Ticket games   https://www.directv.com/sports/nfl and College Football games on Saturdays.  “It’s my job to create an experience at the brewery and wine vault ” continues Pankauski.  “Beyond the great craft beer and amazing food and wine, check out our block parties.     Where we literally shut down the street and put live acts like Monty Warren  LIVE  https://www.montywarren.com/ and The Polka King https://www.netflix.com/title/80173395  on stage. Or, we have a rescue dog day for patrons and their canines.  Going with a nitro milk stout is a logical extension of creating a great craft beer experience.”
  • Milk Stout.  So, to get nitro, the brewery had to fiddle faddle with the existing lines.  They got their craft beer industry experts in their tap room, in this Palm Beach micro brewery, to rig up the nitro line to the tap room’s 20 tap system.  That’s right, this brewery offers 20 craft beers.   “The quality of the nitro milk stout surpassed our expectations.  It’s simply delicious.”
  • Milk Stout Brewery in Palm Beach.  The West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault is independently owned and does not distribute.   


Nov 10, 2018