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No match for Small Batch

Our Journey

We love craft beer.  We love it enough that we travel all over the United States to try new brews and are working on opening our own craft brewery and wine vault here in South Florida in October.  That being said, there are some craft brews that we simply cannot stand to miss.  These are the small batch brews that each craft brewery comes up with on a whim.  The brews that, although they are amazing, are kept to those small-batch amounts and can be missed in the blink of an eye.

There really is no match for small batch brews

If you look at craft breweries like Funky Buddha, Cigar City, and others, you’ll notice one important thing.  Well, one thing other than the fact that they have some of the best craft beer on the market.  However, you’ll also notice that they have plenty of small batch or Limited Release brews on their taps.  These brews are often found exclusively at their taproom and only while supplies last, so you could miss out on a great brew, but find one just as great next time you visit.

For example, Funky Buddha has a variety of Limited Release brews on their taps.  Some come around in repeat rounds whenever they get the urge to brew them, while others are sent to the retirement barn after a few runs.  You really never know when, or if, a brewery is going to bring a small batch brew back to the taps.  That is part of the excitement of checking out the local breweries!

Small batch brews are often high in creative juices

Another great thing about small batch craft beer is the level of creativity that is poured into them.  While some are simple concoctions meant to be enjoyed before they pass on into retirement, others are monsters of creative mayhem that demand attention and send you hunting for more interesting short-timers.  Whether you love porters, stouts, or IPAs, you’re going to find a small batch of your favorite brewing style somewhere along that craft brewing road.

These lovely, short-lived brews bring folks together in a great way, just as much of the craft brewing industry has done over time, giving them something to talk about instead of burying their heads on the internet or in work.  Somehow, craft beer has a way of bringing people back out into the world and getting them to socialize with each other and that’s awesome.

Tell us about the small batch brews you’ve tried

Tell us about the brews we may have missed out on!  Sure, we’ll be sad for a moment, but your comment could spark our next feature post about these great brews and we’ll certainly smile about that.  In the meantime, we’ll be here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault working hard to get ready for our own opening in October.  We hope to see you there!


Jul 10, 2017