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Northern California wine regions that rock

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California can be termed the workhouse of the wine industry in the United States, a well-deserved title that is attributed to its contribution of over 34 billion dollars in sales revenue annually. There are several valleys and vineyards in the North Central coasts that are a large part of that contribution, each with its own unique wines and styles.

Notable regions in Northern California

Livermore Valley

Livermore Valley has been a great location for vineyards since the early 1880’s and still contains many of the pioneering vineyards that began in the region so many years ago. It lies in the east of San Francisco Bay and has several wineries still in operation from that time, as well as many that have popped up since.

The region has different varietals linked to its name, although 80% of Chardonnay produced in California can be traced back to this region. Some of the most notable wineries and vineyards of this region are Tenuta Vineyards, Bent Creek Winery, and Boaventura de Caires. Although there are several wineries in the region, these three have been receiving great reviews consistently over time and have become favorites of the region, making it onto several Top 10 lists for the area.

Monterey County

Monterey County became serious in wine production as a business in the late 1950’s when urbanization filtered into the region. It has a cool climate which is conducive for vineyard growth and outstanding yields of premium quality fruit. The region is home to excellent Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and over other 40 varietals that flourish here. There are also several reputable AVA’s like Carmel Valley and Chalone, which possess a great number of the vineyards whose wines are gaining a solid reputation for the area.

Santa Cruz Mountains

The Santa Cruz mountains is a wine growing region that has the influence of marine weather, as well as distinctive soil types which make the grapes develop a unique taste that ties directly back to their AVAs. The vineyards in the region enjoy a great range of microclimates, which allow vintners to grow a wide-range of varietals. This region is responsible for the production of dozens of varietal wines, as well as some of the best Reserve-quality wines in the state.

Have you tried any wines from the Northern Central Coast of California?

Tell us about the outstanding premium wines you have experienced from this region of California’s notable wine industry. We’d love to hear about your experiences and always welcome your comments. In the meantime, we’ll be hard at work here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, as we continue to get ready for our opening in October. Happy tasting!


Jul 18, 2017